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  1. Is this normal or PUBG Corp is just intentionally limiting Erangel matches? 2 min 4 secs is a bit bizarre for this map compared to other maps look at Miramar is only 26s Matchmaking in Erangel specifically would take 5 mins+ but when I queue for Vikendi and Miramar it's almost instantaneous
  2. Infineet

    Cheating Discussion

    Did it, few days later, the guy I reported was still playing so I post them here LOL
  3. Infineet

    Cheating Discussion

    This is what I posted, it's crystal clear that the guy was 100% cheating, lmao how is this accusation?
  4. Infineet

    Cheating Discussion

    Wait, was it not allowed to report uncaught cheaters here? I've seen a lot of similar posts, I thought it was okay to post here
  5. Infineet

    Cheating Discussion

    What? How did I get a warning for reporting a cheater? Please double check this, it said "Calling Out Players", click my profile, I only reported cheaters from my recent posts
  6. Infineet

    Cheating Discussion

    up just in case the devs ignore this one again
  7. Infineet

    Cheating Discussion

    Here's another one https://giant.gfycat.com/GaseousSoulfulBluebottlejellyfish.webm username: YnnnW https://pubg.op.gg/user/YnnnW?server=na My first game today and just lost a lot of ladder points because of this, I thought cheating should be less by now, it's just getting worse everyday
  8. Infineet

    Cheating Discussion

    No they're not. I've seen a post from steamcommunity who got banned from using this. Please avoid any game enhancement scripts, I think LGS custom key mapping / lighting were the only ones allowed.
  9. just lost 9 points from this bs. completely erased my gains from my last game ?
  10. Getting tired of this cheaters getting away scot-free so here I recorded another one since I couldn't report it in-game my client keeps crashing right after clicking the report button https://streamable.com/mm1z8 Username: yuhuaming Cheat used: wall hack + aimbot
  11. Well, the whole point of the game is to survive, not just run around and shoot your gun everywhere, there are several other games for that. I personally enjoy the "hide and seek" stealth element of the game since it adds to the thrill and adrenaline rush throughout the end of a round. You shouldn't worry about how the rating points are earned or getting ranked up in the ladder and just enjoy the game since they reset it every month like it's nothing.
  12. The new patch made the blue zone move way too soon, it's hard to position yourself early in the game with this new pacing
  13. I was in the middle of a match then I suddenly got "connection timeout" display I cant reconnect back to the match, there's no "Match is still in progress, Continue?" dialogue box
  14. Check his 4th win: https://pubg.op.gg/user/EaTV-692350995?server=na EaTV-692350995 I think there's a new type of cheat where player never dies outside the safe zone. He doesn't have any kill or distance traveled yet he still won the game.
  15. You always leave miramar? I don't get it For me, I don't enjoy playing in miramar, there's hardly any stealth strategy that can be played out in there unlike in erangel but we have our own personal preferences though Anyway how did you get those deductions if you don't skip??