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  1. Critic


    Yeah well if they do that, I look forward to seeing you and the rest crying on here, that you cannot get into a game because its taking 20mins + searching. 👍
  2. Critic

    Wow the competition is rough

    More then likely because we're all unranked, so until we get ranked high, you'll find you'll play against harder players.
  3. Critic


    It's already been mentioned like a million times, the player base isn't big enough to do individual map selection. Only when cross play happens will individual map selection happen.
  4. Critic


    New map is trash, parachuting is terrible, some good stuff in the update but really disappointed for the most part.
  5. Critic

    Changing region

    I'm EU and I'm getting put in OC, terrible man! 8 hours maintenance and this is happening..
  6. The new parachuting update is the worst update yet, I really don't know what went through their head to change something which didn't need changing.
  7. Critic

    Well Done Devs

    The new map is trash and the parachuting system is the worst update yet, why they changed it I don't know.
  8. Another 2 hours has just been added on top of the 2 hours they had already added to the 4 hours. Jesus man!
  9. This wait is killing me!! I need to stream it noww!! 😅
  10. 162, very nice man! 150 for myself.
  11. I'd say the pass is worth it, yeah it might be pricey for some, but the amount of cosmetics you get, well worth it.
  12. Critic

    To shoes or not to shoes

    Bare foot is just the same as wearing shoes and only scrubs go bare foot, it's a fact.
  13. Enjoy! https://mixer.com/zCritic
  14. Critic

    Individual Map Selection

    Exactly this! The player base is too small to make the map's be individual selection and it's as simple as that. If they did, you'd all be crying that it's taking you ages to find a game.