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  1. PubeG

    Heres why this patch runs so well.

    Lost you at "this patch runs well". Mid and end game frame stutters, shit hit detection, and random insta deaths without being shot in the head.
  2. PubeG

    What would bring people back?

    Ahhh you know, just the basics such as a title screen that consistently works, smooth UI, better servers, buildings that load for people without having to buy and SSD, etc.
  3. My argument is that everyone of those kills were hipfire. That just isn't impressive at all because Lady luck got the kills for you. Personally, I wouldn't have even recorded that clip, much less bragged about it, and I'm not even part of a squad that carries me to top 20. But hey, whatever helps you to validate yourself, mate.
  4. You didn't aim a single shot! Hip fire the whole time! Do you realize how lucky you got??? This is why CQB is a coin toss in this game. This clip contained zero skill. Your potato aim showed at the beginning when you used ADS, and you pretty much just got lucky after that. Congrats.