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  1. MnkyLvrrr

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    At no point did I say I was assuming the XIM behaves exactly like native M&K; in fact, I know it does not, AND, StoneMountain confirmed that by reporting it took a LOT of tweaking the settings to get the XIM to feel "right" like a native mouse (which I actually mentioned in my post). So, I'm well aware that plugging in a XIM does not give you as precise control as PC, but it's damn close, and certainly gives someone much better aiming control over a controller. I won't argue that looting is easier, because it most definitely is not; in fact, I'd say it's actually more difficult using a XIM, but we're discussing aiming with a mouse, and I really don't understand how someone could argue that using a mouse is almost equivalent to a controller. That's ridiculous, to be honest.
  2. MnkyLvrrr

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    The only issue I have with this argument is that you're assuming everyone he was playing against were "noobs", which is statistically impossible; of course there were plenty of players that also own PUBG on PC as well, so to write off his double-digit kills within the first few hours of playing as "not a M&K advantage" is a bit irresponsible and naive. I've played PUBG on my buddy's PC, with a M&K, which I haven't touched in YEARS, and I can tell you from personal experience that is a TREMENDOUS advantage in aiming. StoneMountain admitted that it took a lot of tweaking the XIM's (and game's) settings to get the mouse to feel "right", but he did it, and then proceeded to get almost TWENTY kills in a single match. I don't care how much time someone has playing the PC version of PUBG, getting that many kills with a controller would have been (and STILL is, in my opinion) magnificently difficult, so, to me, that is an extremely clear indicator that using M&K on XBox is certainly an unfair advantage.
  3. MnkyLvrrr

    Game crash: Megathread

    XB1S Parachuted in to the flooded section of Georgopol where the roof hadn't even rendered yet, so I clipped through the roof down in to the first floor. Twenty seconds later I was booted to the XB dashboard. Sprinting with a squad of three on foot for around two-four minutes straight through the fields between Gatka and Pochinki and got booted to the XB dashboard.
  4. MnkyLvrrr

    Game crash: Megathread

    XBox One S Played 3-4 hours last night, Solo and Squad, both FPP-mode, and the game crashed twice during Squad FPP and once in a Solo match. The first crash in Squad FPP occurred while sprinting across a field, weapon put away, with two squadmates; screen turned black and was kicked to the XBox dashboard. My friends were both on One S models, and each crashed once themselves in about a two-hour period, and in similar circumstances. They reported that it seemed more likely when they were sprinting and pulling up their inventory or world map. The other crash in Squad FPP was during a gunfight with another squad 100+ meters away: There was a huge drop in framerate while exchanging fire, which would recover slightly after a few seconds, but then go right back in to lagging, and finally resulted in a crash that put me back out to the XBox dashboard. The Solo crash occurred while driving a Jeep across another field, which resulted in an audio-freeze as well, and then black-screen to the dashboard.