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  1. ST6 Rawker

    Competitive players

    Are there not ladders? Squad ladders? Gamebattles? Been like 15 years since I've played on a team.
  2. I love the bigger maps and pace as well but most of the maps are only used for looting, lonely looting at that. I wanna fight in different areas like all four corners of Miramar. I remember reading someone wanted a city map after vikendi, slap a restrictive circle on Leones and we have a city map.
  3. Even if Miramar was divided into the four corners and the middle with 5k radius circles and used as 5 perminent mini versions. Miramar is awesome but so much isn't used for gameplay. I have never had a fight at the prison but I would love to.
  4. what if miramar and erangel were added to mini-royal but with boosted loot and a circle limiting the map size before you drop? they could be added to the mini-royal random playlist and make for playing the corners of the maps near final circles much more likely. I find that the majority of miramar and a lot of erangel isnt played unless you drop the corners and even then it's only for looting and the rare final circle.
  5. ST6 Rawker

    Elite controller

    They work great, I had them but couldn't get used to extra paddles (tried them for leaning) and I hated the controller having to be plugged in so I returned them.
  6. ST6 Rawker

    Resolution vs Framerate

    Yeah I know but my monitor says 4k if I check the display settings no matter the mode so I really don't think it's switching.
  7. ST6 Rawker

    Resolution vs Framerate

    Mine doesn't switch, my monitor still says 4k and I see zero difference unless I switch my Xbox to 1440p. Is there some other Xbox setting I need to set so the game can decide?
  8. ST6 Rawker

    Resolution vs Framerate

    We have to switch the resolution to 1440p in the Xbox system settings inorder for performance mode to work right? My resolution stays at 4k no matter the mode I select unless i use the Xbox system menu. Can we get confirmation on this?
  9. ST6 Rawker

    Rumour has it there's a Mini 14 on Vikendi

    Had a suppressed mini last night with a 8x. Love this map and appreciate the weapon drop rate, don't understand why people complain every thread. If everyone had a dmr they would push less fights and camp. You have to get lucky, loot alot, or push fights to find one. I've never not had an AR after 5 min of looting so give it a rest with this complaint. Having more smgs and shotguns just means everyone has a gun at the begining to fight with. I'll gladly take a Uzi vs a g36 as opposed to a p92 vs ak upon first landing.
  10. ST6 Rawker

    Xbox One x graphic options feedback

    I can't get performance mode to work, do I have to set my Xbox to 1440p?
  11. ST6 Rawker


    all those bug fixes, multiple scrolls on my phone. thank you for your diligence.
  12. ST6 Rawker

    next week it's the right one?

    This is the assumption. They seem to be having issues adding new content that's not just ported from PC. Adding a new map is something they have done a few times now so I assume they have to focus on the rendering distances to make it run stable on xbox. Same goes for guns/skins, it just a matter of their balance on Xbox. Adding new options with variables that affect stability is something the Xbox version doesn't have so they are figuring it out for the first time and running into issues I assume. I'm just guessing but from what they've told us this is what I presume. What are the performance variables? Resolution? Texture quality? LOD quality? Particle quality? Only some of these things can be adjusted, others can't because the game will lose it's balance. Can I turn off particle effects completely and gain stability, lower the resolution and texture quality? Sure it'll gain the x 10-15 fps and better stability during action. But the big draw on performance is the geometry and they have been changing it allot over the past year with lod rendering distances and outright removing lod models after a certain distance. The problem with this is balance and everyone needs to be on the same playing field so no much can change here from one user to another. I think the lod design/approach is terrible for consoles, pretty sure they are using some scanning techniques for assets and then some sort of automated reverse asset (geometry/texture) scaling program (sorry it's been over 15 years since I've touched max or Maya). This is why we see mud buildings because it's what the program is spitting out for it's lowest lod model for PC. On console however these lod models would probably be better suited as simple boxes with scaled down textures. The problem is this is simply a port so that would mean redevelopment and adding new lod assets for consoles which is time consuming/costly because there are thousands and not going to happen if it wasn't planned from the start. I'm sure they will approach pubg2 on consoles with a different game plan from all of the knowledge they have gained from this wild ride of development they have been on. I commend the journey they have been/are on and the battle they are working through making this work on consoles.
  13. I run the freaks right stick, quick shot/stop grips (great for sweaty hands and trigger stops are nice but I have to toggle when I drive), and turtle Beach chat adapter. I tried the paddle adapter but couldn't get used to them and hated the extra wire for power.
  14. I think the high resolution asset is missing, unless it's just a onex issue and then it's missing the 4k asset.
  15. It's messed and one of the devs said it wasn't top of the list of priorities like a month or so ago.