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  1. ST6 Rawker

    Why are the menus still a laggy mess?

    I think the images are hosted on a server and your downloading them as opposed to being on your hard drive.
  2. ST6 Rawker

    Flare gun?

    I hope not, seems they're balancing it on PC still. It's a cool concept but I rather it appear in a crate or if fired it eliminates the next crate drop (which should happen if a pane drops 2 crates as well).
  3. ST6 Rawker

    Xbox Update #5 - Feedback Topic

    I don't think we will see this option on console, we don't have the population to support it. With the decline of player population this has killed Miramar and now vikendi on PC. The problem is that there are 2 game types (fpp/tpp), 3 modes (solo/duo/squad), 4 maps and each specific game needs 100 players (further divided by regions). The solution is to simply make the map selection random (eliminating last played map) so that you don't play the same map twice in a row and specific maps don't die leading to a further decline in population. Maybe we could get weekly challenges once this season is over that spotlight a specific map each week while still keeping quick match open.
  4. ST6 Rawker

    Frame Rate or Graphics?

    The big question is do you switch your Xbox to output at 1440p or leave it at 4k with performance mode on?
  5. ST6 Rawker

    The Cave

    It'd be better if there were no guns in the cave, make it have lots of ammo and armor. The crate guns create too much of a distraction and leave the rest of the map baron.
  6. ST6 Rawker

    Xbox Update #5 - Feedback Topic

    great update, like the cave but hate the loot being in there. night mode runs a lot smoother then day, maybe look at removing all the debris blowing to alleviate the stress in day mode. bizon is sweet but needs more recoil to be balanced. i was most looking forward to the canted sights and i must say that with the X bind i find it too hard to swap during an engagement. I will probably only ever use them with my primary if i have a bolt action rifle, otherwise i'll just switch weapons. i know pc is removing flair guns from the regular game and i agree it's better but maybe make them a care package item. i would also like to see team revives to expedite the revive, so it's 10 seconds with one team mate reviving but another can come jump in and help to double the revive speed. also boosts need to be consumable in water. can you add an invisible collision polygon in the middle of bush's that keeps players from being right in the middle, maybe make it only like a foot high so that it doesn't affect cars, we need something to make it more realistic.
  7. ST6 Rawker

    Feb. 28th Update

    the user base is much larger on reddit, less toxic, and a better representation of the community then the official forums which are laced with bitterness. the official patch notes will be up when they are up on the official forum, in your inbox, on reddit, and twitter. there is so much hostility here im sure they put in their 15 mins and then bounce to watch some sweet vids on reddit like everyone else.
  8. ST6 Rawker

    Nothing is rare

    what about the turquoise delight kar98k and m16? i have yet to see either in game
  9. After throwing a nade I couldn't switch back to my gun, I died. I also get the auto scroll inventory glitch once and a while.
  10. The other guns auto reload but the crossbow doesn't.
  11. ST6 Rawker

    performance/resolution setting help

    Much obliged
  12. ST6 Rawker

    Graphics Mode Issue

    I have the same issue, here is my post
  13. I'm on the one X with a samsung 4k monitor (u28e590d), my xbox is set to output at 4k in the display settings. If i toggle the option from resolution to performance in the game menu i see the screen flicker but i don't notice any difference in visuals and my monitor still states the same resolution of 4k. The only way i can get my monitor to display at 1440p is to change my resolution in the xbox display settings. So what's happening? Is the xbox not allowing the game to change the resolution? Is my monitor upscaling the 1440p to 4k?
  14. ST6 Rawker

    2 questions about new parachuting mechanics

    pretty sure clicking left stick toggles, so one click for on and then click again for off.
  15. can i buy the pass with G-Coin?