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  1. Just reset to canted when your done, it'll beocome second nature. Never use it unless I'm running a bolt anyways.
  2. Wow great streak, I won 3 solo in a row earlier this week. I've tried for the solo, duo, squad trifecta but failed on the squad and ended up 2nd.
  3. thanks i'll try it, i mostly have the problem when i'm in one spot looking around. i tend to move around a lot and i always run so i guess i'll have to try and extra click to stop.
  4. i don't find the ADS problem as bad as the no crosshair after running, i feel like i wait like 3 seconds sometimes before my crosshair shows up. i almost feel like i need to put a dot on my screen because it's so annoying but i'm 50/50 on if the dot is considered cheating or not.
  5. I haven't tried it yet but I'm wondering what people think of it and it's benefits?
  6. I won 3 solos in a row last night for the turkey dinner and I must say that I love the loot but also understand the sentiment others have of guns not feeling special anymore. If a bolt action was fired before, people either migrated towards it to try and get it or they ran in fear. Loot has changed now, your load out might not get replenished by killing some one because they are running all 7's. Everyone had a scope so hiking when you have an 8x doesn't mean your likely to have the upper hand. Cars get destroyed in solo a lot more. At the end of the day everyone has the chance to get better with their gunplay and tactics as opposed to solving the problems of their loot. I like the loot where it is because I am given options and I have a scope, I like to have a scope. Bolt or dmr? I like having that option.
  7. well at least now i know it exists, i have spend every single BP on getting the K9 and M16 turquoise delight since they have been released.
  8. I think we'll see these near the end of July, maybe erangel remaster end of August/early September. There are rumors of another map so maybe maybe it's a Miramar remaster for Christmas. I'm guessing the other console specific work (dynamic resolution) will maybe come out Oct/Nov. I'm just guessing based on previous releases and how their porting work flow has been trending. But super excited for ledge grab, I'll have to probably tweek my vertical sensitivity because I'm slow in that department.
  9. I don't think this is an issue and the percentage of cheaters is probably under 1% but it would be nice to have, still not an issue considering it's more of a luxury. My assumption is that they prioritized weapon mastery over replay. The reason? Maybe turn over time vs development time, maybe mastery will keep players around more, etc. I'm sure they weighed everything and made a call. Either way it's not a big priority for me, I know how and why I died 95% of the time.
  10. Auto equip works without menu looting, press x on the attachment when your cursor has highlighted it on the ground.
  11. Right, everyone blames bluehole and my point is that it's not on them, it's on the user. Your issue is with your isp, others wifi, etc but it's not on bluehole.
  12. I think it's great, puts the blame where it should be, on the users.
  13. Yeah this is something I learned after as well, I wanted it but the price when the Samsung was on sale made it too hard to resist. My understanding is that freesync is for games that can't keep a stable 60fps and had little to no effect on games sub 45fps. Either way I'm sure you'll be happy, I came from an old 50 Samsung plasma. Problem is the monitor purchase leads to the purchase of a decent chair with upgraded arm pads, then some art work for the wall like a 42x42 erangel map.
  14. cpu problem, not gpu, too many calculations, geometry, physics, etc.
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