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  1. What if we had an emote for pan tapping with a sound effect that can be heard but everyone within proximity?
  2. Loved it as well, shut if off cause we couldn't adjust the volume and once we could they changed to a crap bgm.
  3. Don't even have to change the spawn rate, jus make scar/qbz/g36c 1/3 rate each of what one would be. Create some variety.
  4. All good here, maybe a server issue that night.
  5. Server maintenance is to close out the season.
  6. i used it but then returned it, i didn't like the controller being plugged in. maybe remove the part about the mods from your mine and majors posts so that we don't promote the mods?
  7. It's a carry over from a PC bug that never got addressed on Xbox. I think it's missing the 4k asset, the devs said it wasn't a priority from my understanding. Its too bad because it would be good up to 100m but you can't see your target behind the huge pixel.
  8. They do but loosen the hit radius and up the effect to 5 seconds. As is though you have to stick it in their pocket.
  9. Maybe a grenade that impeeds hearing, it would be great for clearing houses because they couldnt listen for footsteps. I think flash bangs could be buffed to make them viable.
  10. Or buy quickshot by bionik and get trigger stops as well as grips.
  11. How about some standard camo outfits in the crates as well, not just ghillie suits.
  12. The ghost is from them removing the animation of characters at a certain distance not sure of the specifics. It was in the patch notes.
  13. Yeah I like fixed 2x and maybe make the lens smaller so that it restricts the scoped view like what the old 2x was.
  14. I get it but shotguns have a place and purpose on console, right now the Winchester simply takes away from other guns drop rate because of the lack of precision aiming. No one runs a Winchester unless nothing else is available. A simple 2x fixed makes the gun viable.
  15. i love to give it a fixed 2x scope that is smaller and maybe period correct or close to it. this looks cool. here is the link to the pictures i found. I like the gun and would love to run it more but aiming through those butt cheeks is tough.
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