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  1. Experienced the same freezing and stuttering. Starts happening right before landing. One game I started into a slight turn before landing and could not turn back. Ended up doing a 360 before landing. Once in the building my character started jumping around while trying to pick up items. Game is near unplayable after update. I haven't experienced issues like this since the early days. Gave up after a couple of games and haven't played it since.
  2. It looks just like Vikendi, no buildings rendered in. 🤣
  3. I'm at 71 currently, but I haven't used my free 20 level yet. So the red beard is secure which has been the goal the entire time.
  4. Can you get knocked a lot without dying? I play solos, so need help with completing the revive teammate missions. 😁 Mediocre player at best. I think my KD might be 1 and only have 4 wins this season, but if you do your part and get knocked I should be able to handle the revives just fine.
  5. Yes, but it's negligible. I payed attention to my XP before a match and had 250 more after the match. I've seen it be less than that on other matches.
  6. I only play solos as well, but I was able to complete the challenge for 15 squad matches on Vikendi by playing 1-man squad. I even managed to get 2/10 of the top 5 finishes in squads while doing it. It's a different ballgame playing 1-man squads though. Lots of hiding and playing the edge trying to stay out of the way until the end. Now I need to find a partner that will knocked a lot so I can do the revive challenges. 😀 I'll be able to return the favor by getting knocked down myself just as much. lol
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