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  1. Dp 28 looks so damn ugly. Plus, you cant see anything while holding it. I would like to see some alternatives tho.
  2. Pubg, a great concept in the wrong hands
  3. Normal shooters dont have giant maps that you have to play tactically and clever in order to win. Thats why we play this. And thats why we love the new loot. And yes, only m4 and kar would be great as well
  4. Loot is perfect. Now we can spent more time shooting, less time running around like idiots trying to find the basics.
  5. i feel that way too. a lot of times i die so fast . and on some games i have strange laggy and spiky mouse movement. the first time it happened i thought there was something wrong with my mouse or mousepad but it was the game.
  6. I play simulation games, racing games , other battle royal games with my old pc without any problem, but pubg feels like im trying to play it with a 20 years old cheap laptop.
  7. Just get over it. They will never change anything. I dont even get the point of the test servers anymore. In my mind , ''test'' means to try something, see if it is good or bad and make some changes to improve it. In blue gloryhole mind test doesnt mean anything. I have seen so many people asking for better loot. I agree with them. Maybe bluhole wanted to make a very challenging map and i can respect that. But i have seen people complaining about ui colors and bluehole doesnt change anything. I mean, how hard can it be for someone to figure out by himself, that , putting white noumbers in front of a white background , isnt gonna work that well? Why did they need to test that? And after so many complains havent change anything.
  8. ok, i hold "G" to open the grenade wheel , then i pull my mouse to the right and the cursor is going to the right. thats fine . but then, i pull my mouse to the left and the cursor goes down. in order to make it go left from that position , i have to pull up. and goes on and on and on. sorry for my bad english.
  9. Nothing else to say. Test it for yourself and see.
  10. Make it solo. In every other game, even in real life, when you are trying to practice something, you are by yourself, not surrounded by idiots.
  11. Frags, stuns, smokes, bolts, people coming in front of you spraying in your face, people trying to run you over with vehicles.... thats honestly too many stuff to avoid while you are just trying to practice.
  12. Lasersight is only visible for the player who uses it. The other guys cannot see it. Wacky jacky said it in the video yesterday.
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