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  1. I think they should use the vault mechanic's from the division 1 an 2 it super fluent could work or an auto vault or something of the sort
  2. It's not snitching just play the game the way it's meant to be played an stop cheating an why are you so mad about what this guy said it seems to me that they may need to check your account sounds like you may be a cheater just saying if a person is cheating he should be reported for the better good of the game an it should be a report feature to report the guy or girl who may or may not be cheating or using exploits just saying you got kind of mad bro have you ever heard the phrase a hit dog will holler
  3. Since the last update player are shorting other player through tress containers rock buildings mountains an seem to be in super tanky with no vest or armor player are running way faster than the game allows plz help have a few clip to prove if one of you devs would like me to Send it
  4. Send it to the PUBG support wedsite with the clip an the gamer tag of the player in question an also report it through Microsoft as well
  5. Right they should but i don't think it will happen any time soon on xbox
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