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  1. Slickpullabama

    report in game...

    Yeah we do need this it's alot of cheaters doing all kind if stuff because it's no way to report them like on pc
  2. Slickpullabama

    Think I figured it out, network

    Your not crazy Man its some real deal cheaters on pubg xbox for a fact it's all over youtube people using radar hacks anti recoil mods aimbots an ect. An they really need to do something about it it's ruining the game for others big time an it's gone be 1000 people that say xbox can't be hacked but it can an it is an the ones who say different 100 percent are part of the hackers on xbox fact now watch how many people gone defending the cheats
  3. Slickpullabama

    Get killed from inside the mountain

    Send it to the PUBG support wedsite with the clip an the gamer tag of the player in question an also report it through Microsoft as well
  4. Slickpullabama

    Game crash: Megathread

    Right they should but i don't think it will happen any time soon on xbox
  5. Slickpullabama

    Miramar Map Coming to Xbox Test Server April 24

    I think so bro