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  1. Magicmoment

    Vikendi weapons? ?

    There seems to be a surplus of Tommy Guns on this map.
  2. Magicmoment


    S12 either one shots you or not, in other words, it's the most inconsistent gun in the game.
  3. Magicmoment

    Dont you just love it

    If I didn't damage him then he definitely should have died since I obviously hit him, thus your making my point even more. Edit: better yet, have a good day
  4. Magicmoment

    Dont you just love it

    Have a good day
  5. Magicmoment

    Dont you just love it

    If I shot after him then how do you explain the damage he took (which is why I showed it at the end). Do you people use your brain before posting or just like talking out of your ass.
  6. Magicmoment

    Dont you just love it

    Please explain how someone can be shot in the chest if they are laying flat facing you?
  7. Magicmoment

    Dont you just love it

    M24..... level 1 helmet
  8. Magicmoment

    Item dropping bug

    Anyone experience the bug where you go to drop x amount of an item in your inventory (I only recall this happening with first aids) but your character starts moving on their own either to the right or left? It's VERY annoying. I'll get a video soon
  9. Magicmoment

    7.62 capacity

    What was the rationale behind being able to carry less 7.62 compared to 5.56? There is always a plethora of 5.56 (especially Sanhok) and more weapons that use this ammo, so why wouldn't that be more restricted opposed to the more scarce ammo? If anything they should be equal.