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    WCKD Gaming (NA/PC)

    If you are looking for a place to hang your hat and rest easy, come on in. We're a laid back, but fun group of people. We have a very active community with 1490+ people over multiple games. What we can offer you: ⚫Fun and active discord community ⚫LFG and chat channels ⚫Diversifiedplayers from all sorts of different backgrounds ⚫Multiplegames (Doesnt have to be just PUBG, but we do want you!) ⚫Respect and a good time Memes (because who doesn't love stupid fun crap?) ⚫Players of all skill levels ⚫Giveaways(random games, and yes we even give away copies of PUBG!) ⚫Helpfuland friendly people ⚫Maturityand considerate attitude I am currently looking for more people interested in joining this community for PUBG, and making it a great place to find groups, interact with others, theorycraft, and just overall enjoy the game. If you believe you fit the description of what we're looking for (which is practically anybody who can respect others and have fun), then please feel free to join us. We're striving to be the #1 discord community for PUBG! Help us make that happen. Please feel free to join us. The discord link http://discord.me/WCKD Or https://discord.gg/MKPMZuU