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  1. Terminal_Frost

    Some things I'd like in the training mode map

    The ability to stay in scope after firing a bolt action rifle should be a option in settings or just in training mode. Would help when trying to better land shots
  2. Terminal_Frost

    cars are uncontrollable now in the grass

    Considering the dacia isn't meant for off-road males sense but I've noticed the same with buggies and suvs. Should probably be looked at
  3. Terminal_Frost

    Some things I'd like in the training mode map

    I couldn't find healing stuff while on the level that's why I couldn't find it. Maybe having a playlist option or as someone mentioned a certain area where this can happen
  4. While I enjoy the map, I think it needs some additions to make to increase its value. I'll post a small list with explanations for each one 1. More building / houses: When this was announced I was hoping to practice my breaching skills to hone my CQC skills. While it has buildings from Sanhok I think having buildings from the other maps would be a welcome addition. 2. 8-player party system: I'd love to have mock war games with players/friends. Having the other buildings added would also benefit because the ability to change up the engagements. Also make it possible to set up teams before a match (four teams of duos as an example) 3. Addition of healing items: Mostly for weapon testing to get an idea of how much damage certain weapons do against armies/helmets. Probably just put merits in a spot 4. Allow player death/downing: Part of point two. Adds a better feel for combat If anyone has any other ideas or criticism feel free to post them.
  5. Terminal_Frost

    White screen after start menu

    So you got in no problem?
  6. Terminal_Frost

    White screen after start menu

    Same here. Goes to box art screen, lobby appears for a second. Stays on this indefinitely. At least the white screen is gone! Progress
  7. Terminal_Frost

    White screen after start menu

    Oddly enough I have charter/spectrum and have had issues since the second patch. Not sure how they're internet could affect the game but maybe this info can help determine if this is the issue. Someone mentioned something like ifv4 and ifv6 and having ifv6 needing to match to work. Maybe altering it to to where it will accept any will fix the issue
  8. Terminal_Frost

    White screen after start menu

    Is there any kind progress being to fix this? Its been almost a month since its become an issue and as far as I know not even a mention of what's been causing this problem has posted. Several different "fixes" have been posted but none some to work. Also PC gets a list of things getting worked on but not Xbox? Ridiculous. This topic is reaching Valve levels of communication issues. Just tell us what's going on. I bought this day one and have loved it ever since but would appreciate a time table for when this and other issues will be fixed. Signed Concerned Customer
  9. Terminal_Frost

    White screen after start menu

    Also things I've mentioned in my Twitter post. And to add I got to play when I bought it but not since the second update while others have said, on this forum I believe, that since purchase (at launch or after) they have not been able to play. It would be insulting if something of considerable compensation is given out. Ridiculous
  10. Terminal_Frost

    White screen after start menu

    Pretty much said the same thing on Twitter. You would think that because this game sold like hotcakes they'd hire some people to fix this. I've numerous games that early release and only being unplayable but that was fixed within a week
  11. Terminal_Frost

    White screen after start menu

    Have already put in a support ticket. Situation is same as everyone else. Been happening since the late December update. Is there a known cause yet or is it up in the air still? Adavance Warfare Xbox. Wireless connection. Would appreciate a response