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  1. siqj3st3r

    Custom Games after Vikendi Patch.

    Yes, PLEASE give us the option to turn certain weapons off, adjust spawn rates, circle speed ect like PC has!!
  2. @PUBG_Andymh5 Do you know, or can you ask and let us know if they are planning on starting a new season when Vikendi drops? Stat reset and all?
  3. siqj3st3r

    The epidemic of cheating on xbox

    You guys can be sooooo toxic sometimes. Instead of bashing people that post ideas like this, just educate them nicely. No reason to bash their game play, or their abilities. Acting like this does nothing to help retain a player base. So when you start waiting 5+ mins for matchmaking and starting with 43 players and the game dies.....just remember this. Calling people trash and garbage and garbage cans, you are being a cancer in a community you obviously love if you are here.
  4. siqj3st3r

    Getting a new headset!

    Hyper X Cloud Alpha is what I use. Had to turn mic monitoring all the way off, but holy crap I can hear EVERYTHING with them.
  5. siqj3st3r

    Cheating Bans

    @PUBG_Andymh5 Can you tell us if it was just PC that you all implemented the bans on, or was it console too. I think that was the main question here. Not for you to go into step by step details of how or anything as we would all prefer you kept that secret.
  6. siqj3st3r

    leaving friends behind...

    Dude nail on the head. The big thing with me is knowing how my team mates play, and them knowing how I play. We have a routine, and we know how each other moves. We cover each other without even having to think. Went from 1 win a week to a 6.0% win and 50% top 10 in the course of a week playing with the guys I run with.
  7. siqj3st3r

    Okay 5 days now

    What in the Free Masons, Illuminati, Bohemian Grove, Grassy Knoll shooter type bull is this? You probably listen to Alex Jones too dontcha?
  8. siqj3st3r

    Fun Idea

    I mean I think it sounds like a fun plot twist to a game, Brendan himself has said on more than once that he aims for realism. Hence why they modified certain movements in the game, because in real life you would break your effin foot moving a certain way lol. Sharks in the water sounds fun honestly. And I mean, ammo just laying around on the ground...who knows how long it's been there. Ammo does go bad, excessive firing on full auto can cause issues with the ejectors. Gas blocks can get fouled up ect.. My thing with the idea is, if you aren't going around full auto blasting at every shadow you see then it wouldn't be an issue that would effect you. It would make players work on their accuracy a bit more instead of noobs spraying and praying and hoping for a random shot to land. Kinda along the same lines as the rest of PUBG, risk vs reward.
  9. x1 for this idea to be implemented.
  10. siqj3st3r

    Vikendi Launch

    Seeing how aside from cars glitching through the map, the castle glitch and a few random other glitches the PTS seems to run smoother and has better hit detection than Live server does at this point. I think it will be on live by or before Jan 20th
  11. siqj3st3r

    Fun Idea

    I still think it would be fun, and it might cut down on the spray and pray people too lol have it be like a 20% chance that when emptying a clip on full auto that the gun might jam. It would bring an added layer of skill to the game.
  12. siqj3st3r

    Fun Idea

    Just a random crazy idea, why don't they add some kinda mechanism to the game...where guns can randomly jam? Especially if fired in full auto for extended periods. Just think it would be fun, have to use the reload animation to clear the jam. Just to add that extra little bit of realism.
  13. 59 pages in 11 months, this must be a new record. F*ckn zombie post, thing refuses to die.
  14. siqj3st3r


    The guys I run with, it would be a laugh a minute. We are already some goofy a** f*ckers anyways, if other people were able to hear us.....woooo boyyyy lolol
  15. siqj3st3r

    Worse server state in a long time

    Yeah, sure...it's connection issues....lolol I play with friends who have literally the best internet money can buy and they still have desync. The game transfers so little data back and forth, it pretty much cancels out internet issues. Seriously, go look at your data useage on your xbox under the connection settings. Write the number down or take a screenshot, then go hop in a party chat and go play for about an hour on pubg. Then...go look again. How small that number is will absolutely shock you. Then go play an hour without being in party chat, go check the numbers again. You will be blown away, I promise you. If the game were to be sending more back and forth, then yes I would agree it's probably internet issues. But how small the amount of data is, it's mind boggling. Streaming music via Pandora for an hour takes more data than this game does *(I have not actually checked after an hour of Pandora, just using it as a rough estimate)