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  1. axed

    What's your rarest crate item?

    Rarest for me is gas mask, gas mask full, vintage gas mask,slacks, white shirt with tie and military trousers black
  2. Monitor is 24 inches and about 2ft from my eyes can see everything fine
  3. axed

    Proximity Chat

    Give us proximity chat please
  4. Sanhok is alright but erangel is still the best map imo and would only play erangel if i had the option to
  5. I was going to post a clip of two random burning cars just falling from the sky and now i know why lol
  6. axed

    When is next update?

    They said late november they will be adding region lock
  7. Increase 150 points to 250 Just tested it then and they do not add to your general count
  8. Solos all I ever play
  9. Yup yesterday i clearly picked up a level 2 vest while looting someone then 8 minutes later i notice i'm not even wearing it
  10. axed

    Movement is bad

    Yup noticed it straight away after update but got used to it now
  11. 14.5gb yea noway i'm playing tonight then my speed is 23mbps
  12. Next event mode needs to be a demolition derby everyone gets an m249 circle is in an open field with not much cover with uaz and dacies scattered around or something like that