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  1. Finally no more desert map no more snow map just nice refreshing erangel
  2. Yeah i've noticed this too vehicles sliding out way too easy and getting me killed.
  3. Would also like to know i'm level 70 now so can start saving them was gonna try and buy that brown tux but will rather buy level ups if they save.
  4. I play on a 24" lg monitor that i bought a year ago and is perfect for me I would not be able to play on a tv up close or from a few meters away
  5. If tree isn't rendered for other person it will look like you're just standing in the open. I still get kills when buildings aren't rendered for me and people look like they're just standing in the air.
  6. It is a bug and i'm getting it everyday now moving the right stick fixes it tho.
  7. I've been getting it since 6 months ago only happened very rarely maybe only happened 5 times in those 6 months now it is happening everyday
  8. I've been getting this since 6 months ago it only very rarely happened to me then but now it is happening on a regular basis as pyrokid said use the joy stick and it fixes it.
  9. Agree, one guy landed and got into my uaz so i drove to an open field far away from buildings so that if he gets out i have a good chance of running him over he decided to just sit in my uaz the whole time so i drove to a very high cliff and started reversing the uaz off the cliff i jumped out just before it went off but he didn't and it counted as a kill he was very mad and sent me alot of messages.
  10. Yeah nades are still a problem imo
  11. So another 4 more hours to wait from now?
  12. Thanks just checked and i got 20 gold tokens from it level 24 now
  13. Will take me until level 60 just to get 10 blue tokens I think my thing is glitched because some of the slots are blank
  14. I haven't spent any of my gold,white or blue tokens i just bought as many blue tokens as i could with my white and gold and only have 5 blue tokens and need 10 to buy 5 levels don't know how you're level 48
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