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  1. axed

    Map choice

    Agree or at the very least pair the maps instead of 3 and 1
  2. axed

    “Armoured UAZ”

    Armoured uaz is a joke no point even using it.
  3. axed

    Xbox Update #6 - Feedback Topic

    - Bikes hard to control in the air and go side ways so end up landing on it's side and almost dying. - There are new bumps in game that you collide with that weren't there before and lose way too much health over. - freezing when looting or when my bullets hit someone. -rendering worse than it has ever been. - parked cars half sunken into map when i got into one I instantly died. - game just feels off and doesn't feel right Game was perfect before this patch imo
  4. axed

    How’s the update for you?

    i've never complained about an update affecting my gameplay but this is honestly the worst update for me just so much stuff broken like freezing in gun fights
  5. i'm getting this too this is honestly the worst update they've ever done so many things broken
  6. Armoured uaz is useless blows up easier than cars did after first nerf
  7. Yup and i'm sick of them changing stuff that they don't even mention in the patch notes rendering seems worse than ever after this update for me.
  8. axed


    Same here i've probably spent atleast 150k bp on western military crate and i just keep getting belt or raglan shirt i'm not even getting other stuff anymore just raglan shirt over and over
  9. Yup i've had this happen to me about 5 times now i get "controller disconnected" even tho the controller is fully charged and is still turned on i'm using standard batteries.
  10. axed

    Sanhok Only Please!!!!

    I try to like sanhok but just cant least favourite of mine
  11. I'm surprised you would even post this thinking it's worthy to show off and be proud of nothing 300iq about what you did
  12. Thanks for sharing i had two clips one of me killing and one of me getting killed.
  13. axed

    How many players?

    400k an hour? if we had that many people we'd have map selection and i would be finding games instantly pubg xbox is dying
  14. They should get rid of mirimar, pair vikendi with erangel and sanhok on its own