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  1. axed

    How many players?

    400k an hour? if we had that many people we'd have map selection and i would be finding games instantly pubg xbox is dying
  2. They should get rid of mirimar, pair vikendi with erangel and sanhok on its own
  3. Feels good watching everybody whine about map selection when I complained about wanting to be able to select erangel only nobody cared at this point i don't care what map i play tho
  4. axed

    Only took 1000 hours of game time

    Why didn't you just screenshot?
  5. axed

    I'll pay for sahhook

    I don't care for sanhok
  6. axed

    Why. Is. The. Map. Circle. White.

    Circle looks blue to me
  7. Pair erangel with vikendi (best maps) and sanhok with mirimar (worst maps)
  8. Wow i can't believe how heavenly it feels to play with low ping after all this time playing on NA good job bluehole
  9. Yes i saw someone driving in the air i thought it was funny
  10. Well i just finished downloading update first game i got in instantly but now it's taking 5 min to find a game even with quick join
  11. Well my server is oceania and before update it was impossible to find a game matchmaking would just go on for hours i got 2gb of update left so will update this post in 20 min
  12. axed


    Yes I wouldn't mind playing all these maps if it didn't favour one map over the other before this update if i had it set to all it would favour sanhok over mirimar and erangle but if set just to battle royale it'd favour mirimar over erangle
  13. axed

    What's your rarest crate item?

    Rarest for me is gas mask, gas mask full, vintage gas mask,slacks, white shirt with tie and military trousers black
  14. Monitor is 24 inches and about 2ft from my eyes can see everything fine