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  1. toomanyhackers

    I have negative BP

    Whats the deal with you guys messing up and letting people through no nefarious action of there own (they clicked sure give me money when a popup pops up) and then take it back. Now Im in the hole 11k bp. What did I do to get that extra bp? Did I hack into the mainframe? No, I clicked sure give me money when the stupid popups pop up. Usually when a company messes up, they dont turn around and screw customers. Where do you get off
  2. toomanyhackers

    Cheating Discussion

    Subject of topic is what this topic of this post is. I dont like it. All of a sudden after a few months of relatively no hacking, now theres a shit ton. And, I'm pretty sure they're corrupting your replay shit so you watch the death cam, games crashes, and then you cant report them, just my 2 cents. I dunno. They also all happen to be chinese.