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  1. Its pretty much a compromise higher recoil and damage, generally slowler velocity. Vs 556 with lower damage and recoil, faster velocity.
  2. My first game after update i didnt even see bandages till the final 6 people. But lately i havent had too much of an issue
  3. Thats the issue with making 7.62 ammo all inclusive. Not all 7.62 is 7.62x51 in game. image1.webp
  4. My favorite is they added an animation to visually check the fire mode of your gun by holding left on dpad. Its fairly recent. Why would this ever be necessary? At the very leasy, why is it more important than fixing the 2x blurriness?
  5. The vector was originally designed for the .45ACP. "Calibers such as .22 LR, .40 S&W and 9×19mm Parabellum were mentioned when the gun was first released. The Gen II versions with multiple design changes including a new 9 mm variant were confirmed at SHOT Show 2015,[10] though the .22LR version has yet to materialize and likely has been canceled. The original .45-caliber Vector was designed to accept standard Glock 21 pistol magazines. A special "MagEx 30"[11] kit was available to convert a factory 13-round .45 ACP Glock magazine to an extended high-capacity version, though this is now marketed as a "25+" round kit.[3]The newer 9×19mm Parabellum versions instead use the standard Glock 17 magazines." the only weapon inaccuracies i can think of are the Mk47 being burst instead of full auto, and the tommygun being able to use sticks AND drums as magazines.
  6. Did they change the rules for the flare gun without telling anyone? Somebody shot one off before the first countdown even ended and the plane came. Seems like something that would be worth telling the community about if thats the case.
  7. All vehicles need this. For some reason the uaz does this a lot too.
  8. In most games it would be terrifying, but when the dead guy ragdolls 15 feet in the air. Its easy to tell your shots landed
  9. Game is not hardcore. Just more so than others. It could easily have a more hardcore mode: -Reduce blood spatter -headshot kill = no revive, or maybe 3x faster bleedout -magazine system instead of ammo pool system. -remove downed/kill notifications -remove remaining player count -remove crosshair -remove ammo counter -remove tracers Voila
  10. Well the game is probably unsalvageable at this point on current consoles. If they rebuild this game as a next gen only game, it would probably be the best we can hope for. Because teetering between the OG and 1X is not working. If its just a port, i imagine they will run in to the same dev problems, but masked by the better hardware.
  11. Hes addressing pubg lumos, the forum moderator. Not calling him out as the guy who tk'd him
  12. Honestly i think its a strange gun to add. It excels at semi, but for a sub-carbine thats a bit out of character. If they want to give us a good single tapper like the m16, id suggest the G36K or full size G36. Its not that the g36c is bad, but on full auto it feels like the ak. High recoil, sluggish rof. Sure its manageable, but so is the ak. I guess the silver lining is that you can use semi effectively. But see my first point. I just think it would make sense to either lower the recoil slightly. And/or change it to a g36/k
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