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  1. Thanks Andy mate, just hadn't seen anything else on this till now bro.
  2. @PUBG_Andymh5 Not sure if this one has been reported as a bug or not yet, but quite a few times I have encountered one member of my squad (usually the number 4 position) will start the match in my POV with no emblem etc above their head, and nothing in the lower left corner indicating they are actually in the team. Only happened since the latest update, and usually occurs after a lost connection to host has occurred. All other squad mates at the time have no issues when it happens, just from my POV, or whoever get's the bug.
  3. Much appreciated for the update on the hotfix Andy mate
  4. Constant "Lost Connection To Host" error messages this evening, at least 3/4 attempts at playing i am losing connection. Is there any update on the hotfix / the cause of this happening ?
  5. Purposely removes doors from some of the compounds, they are removed from more in the future updates that are already on PC mate.
  6. Yeah that would do the job just fine. And yeah mate, it may not provide much more speed in relation the the wireless but will definitely provide a more stable connection.
  7. Powerlink Adapters is what you need mate, allows for a hard-wired connection running through your power sockets
  8. @Mattnomaster if this happens again mate, use your right stick to scroll down the inventory and then it will allow you to loot as normal, almost like it resets it. @PUBG_RoboDanjal from what i've encountered of this I think it has something to do with controllers developing right stick drift, been happening for a while now.
  9. The game does do this, when you kill a downed enemy that your team-mate has downed your red kill counter notification does not ping up only the grey text, hence dictating you didn't get credit for the kill and finished another team members down.
  10. @FreakyTechno check that since the small hotfix we got a while back that the game hasn't auto-installed itself back to your internal HDD rather than your SSD, i've heard of this happening a few times at update times.
  11. I don't find the 3x too bad personally, i would take others if i had the choice but it does it's job close to medium range. https://neatclip.com/clip/586rmjn8g
  12. No bent outta shape here mate, just wasn't wanting to get involved in the usual rubbish goings on of this forum once KD is mentioned haha if that wasn't your intentions then my bad dude. And wow as long as I've had that photo sat in a folder on this phone I've never noticed it to show the kills less than matches played haha
  13. You're welcome to sit there and argue the difference between stat sites accuracies even though they use the same API from PUBG themselves, but I ain't getting involved in that crap with ya. And unless you're numerically challenged that site shows me sitting around the 3.0 KD mark for all modes, so I don't know where you're looking mate. (To be honest not a site I've used in some time). But again I'm not getting involved in a KD pissing contest, you do as you please with your petty points haha
  14. Some call it shenanigans, some call it skill. mixer.com/AlanCampbell92 to find out which
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