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  1. @FreakyTechno check that since the small hotfix we got a while back that the game hasn't auto-installed itself back to your internal HDD rather than your SSD, i've heard of this happening a few times at update times.
  2. I don't find the 3x too bad personally, i would take others if i had the choice but it does it's job close to medium range. https://neatclip.com/clip/586rmjn8g
  3. No bent outta shape here mate, just wasn't wanting to get involved in the usual rubbish goings on of this forum once KD is mentioned haha if that wasn't your intentions then my bad dude. And wow as long as I've had that photo sat in a folder on this phone I've never noticed it to show the kills less than matches played haha
  4. You're welcome to sit there and argue the difference between stat sites accuracies even though they use the same API from PUBG themselves, but I ain't getting involved in that crap with ya. And unless you're numerically challenged that site shows me sitting around the 3.0 KD mark for all modes, so I don't know where you're looking mate. (To be honest not a site I've used in some time). But again I'm not getting involved in a KD pissing contest, you do as you please with your petty points haha
  5. Some call it shenanigans, some call it skill. mixer.com/AlanCampbell92 to find out which
  6. The stats are reset at the end of every season for both PC & Console. And have been since the game began. Each new season presents new guns, attachments, maps, etc - why would stats from the previous season matter when the playing field has completely changed with these new content additions ?
  7. and what kind of anything does that have to do with using meds ?
  8. I'd assume they're changing it to give back the advantage to the aggressor in combat, say i knock your health down to a point where you need to use a first aid. You can use that first aid to instantly hit 75% health whilst i attempt to push, all of a sudden i have a worse off position than you and you have instant almost full health.
  9. The changes to the first aid kits use don't really have a noticeable impact to be honest, played a few games on the PC test server last night and it's only very few situations where it would put you at a disadvantage compared to how they were before.
  10. The new console releasing in 2020 is NOT the next generation of console, just another version of what is already out without a disc drive, so to answer your question the game will be exactly the same as it is on the current consoles.
  11. One i would actually really like to see, is skins from the Original Titanfall since that was an Xbox exclusive prior to the release of two. Good be a lot of skins to be gained from that game.
  12. Nothing specific i'd like to see, but variants of Xbox exclusive games having skins ported over similar to what the PS player base is getting would be great, for example: A level 3 helmet Halo variant, Ryse: Son of Rome, could be a lot of skins from that, Gears of War, Etc. The list could go on to be honest, but i'm not really fussed on specifics as i'm sure others will be the same, i'm more bothered about being on a level playing field with another console. i know we will never get the shear quantity of purchasable content PC has, quite understandable, but i would like to see Xbox receiving exclusives at the same time as PS.
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