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  1. Demorou valeu parça! 21 horas só pipoco em Miramar hauehuehuae tamo junto
  2. Eu não me importo com o fuso horário.. Só quero saber de algum brasileiro por aí: O servidor já está online??? HUEHUEBR é nois que tá
  3. Chill, bro... You bought a game that is not finished yet.. Let the devs work.. I know it can be very frustrating, but try ro relax.. This is just a game, and games are made to entertain.... If not, it's not worth playing. Just chill, let's play! =)
  4. Lol, I thought no one would bring this up.. 5 patches released until now, and my pony tail still floats when I'm in a vehicle... lol
  5. This PlayerUnkwon guy was in DayZ team, wasn't he? Well, DayZ is almost a decade old now and the zombies can still attack you through the walls... lol All I'm saying is that we have to be patient... I don't know if devs actually read this mega thread.. But if they do: Take your time, bros.. You have an awesome game in your hands, let's make the best out of it!
  6. Still crashing after last update.. Barely playable at this time..
  7. Hi there! I'm from Brazil and I thought that those crashes I've been experiencing was just because of my location (higher latency).. But then I found this megathread about the same issue. Anyway, I play PUBG at the standard XBOX One (fat), with the live broadcast and capture features turned off. And the game crashes 90% at the time, no matter what I'm doing in-game. Parachuting, looting, walking/running, driving (full speed), firefighting, jumping... The game just freezes and send me to Home, just like that.. No codes, no errorcodes, nothing.. Just like that. I'm not furious about that, but sometimes it crashes when there's only 20 people left, or less.. And when I come back, I'm dead. That's frustrating.... BUT.... We all bought a game that is not finished yet. So, you furious guys could do just like me... Just chill, bro =) Just grab a nice energy drink can and stay up all night playing (or trying to) this awesome masterpiece!! I'm glad I'm a part of this history-changing game!! Kudos PUBG!!!!!! And Cheers from São Paulo, Brazil!
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