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  1. Tempests Avatar

    My son steals my kills

    Nah. It's just the bank of dad and your loaning him some kills expecting to never be paid back
  2. Tempests Avatar

    PUBG is dying again at the hands of Apex

    It's Lucy that pubg has more lives than a bhuddist cat then...
  3. Tempests Avatar

    Care Package on roof

    Or get a buggy under a uaz at the right angle. Then you have to jump from the back of the buggy onto the front of the uaz onto the top of the uaz and onto the roof. If you time it just right an enemy team will appear and shoot you just as you get to the crate then be unable to get to it themselves 😂
  4. Tempests Avatar

    How the funk did I win that......

    They were definitely worse shots than you and you should have been dead when you finished the second guy off. I mean in that situation, in such a small circle, I would assume the last guy would know your position anyway so personally I would have left the down whether I had seen the last player behind the shed or not. I would also be fairly confident in expecting the last guy to be behind the shed as there was almost no other cover for him to be behind. Your definitely not terrible and at at the end of the day a win is a win so well played.
  5. Tempests Avatar

    The epidemic of cheating on xbox

    Why do I feel like OP has been killed my good controller players a few times? honestly in all the games I have played I have only thought twice that something fishy happened and that was probably just pubg being pubg. stop accusing others of cheating/hacks and work on your own gameplay
  6. Tempests Avatar

    Killing Knocked Players

    Situational Seen too many people who always thirst giving away easy wins/kills. Also managed to save teammates multiple times because those three bullets they wasted on my downed friend would have killed me and squad wiped us easily. Instead we both /all walk away and they are dead.
  7. Tempests Avatar

    Fun Idea

    Well there's already a 20% chance of it blowing up on some invisible object anyway so why not?
  8. Tempests Avatar

    What Headsets/Controller/Attachments using.

    Headsets, tv/monitors, etc. Are only going to make incremental adjustments to your K/D or wins. Rather you should focus on looking at how and why you are dying and changing your play style to stop this. I play on an og xbox with an og controller and a cheap set of x40's. The thing I use is 39" and 11 years old. The only thing that cost any real money was an SSD but I had this to hand anyway. Still manage to maintain a 4-5 KD on average despite not having all the gear.
  9. Tempests Avatar

    There is NOTHING wrong with Vaulting

    Yeah but you need the jumping to be able to get over anything ankle high that you get stuck on. There are also plenty of times when you want to get on top of something not vault over it, like some of the ledges on rooftops, can't tell you how many times vaulting over instead of jumping on top has got me killed 😂
  10. Tempests Avatar

    leaving friends behind...

    I'm still better than my friends... I still play with them. Rather have a laugh and mess about than worry about stats too much. If your leaving friends behind over a game it's a bit sad
  11. Tempests Avatar

    nerf molotovs

    Oh no (insert here) killed me, please nerf (insert here) as it shouldn't be able to kill me
  12. Tempests Avatar

    Pre drop idea

    Used to be a thing but absolutely wrecked performance even on a good gaming pc.
  13. Tempests Avatar

    Should he have died

    Exactly first shot you jumped and were reloading so the bullets hit the wooden box. Other two shots that actually hit you were aimed at the arms which the shotguns do super low damage too. tbh I never use shotguns if I can help it because with the low limb damage I find them super unreliable. However you both clearly potatoed pretty hard so took you both a while to kill the other
  14. Tempests Avatar

    Long Snipes

    Have never used the zeroing in this game ever. Find it way too slow and clunky. I just learnt the bullet drop for different ranges using the milldots and got great at estimating ranges. Honestly saves you so much time and makes you a lot more dangerous.
  15. Tempests Avatar

    Help from players with K/D over 2

    Personally I would hot drop an area until you know it really well and almost always come out as the last man/squad standing. Hot dropping will also improve your shooting abilities. Stop using your favourite guns and start playing with the guns you hate. Once you learn to use guns you hate well then you will be even better with the guns you like and if you're ever forced to fight you can win no matter what weapon you have. Learn to think tactically and each time you die look at what you could have done better. Yes desync or a bad zone etc might leave you dead but usually there's always something you can do to get better. Have confidence in your abilities. If you think your going to lose you usually will. If you trust yourself then you can win a lot of battles you would otherwise lose. This includes accepting your in an almost hopeless situation but being confidant to go balls to the wall. Sometimes you can just about pull it off and it's the best feeling Finally and most importantly have fun. If your not having fun you won't play well and your stats will get worse. In this case take a break and play something else until your able to have fun again. It's surprising how much better you will do if your not overly worrying about stats.