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  1. Would love this. Died twice because of them not being separated in only a few games yesterday. Tried jumping onto a small ledge from a distance but magically vaulted over it to my death. Then when I tried vaulting through a window with my face in it my character just jumped into it and I got shot
  2. It was on pc but they kept messing with the loot. first it hard all the guns from the lobby on it so was really OP. They then removed those and it had random loot spawns but was designated as a high quality loot area. Because of how loot was calculated this serverley decreased the level of high quality loot in the rest of the north east area like yasnaya. They then set the spawn island to have poor loot so places like yasnaya would have better quality. However this meant it wasn’t actually worth travelling to spawn island as the loot was so poor so people stopped going. It was then released on console in this state. I then thought that they had announced they would be removing all loot from the island but sounds like people have still found some.
  3. It’s a game.... it’s about whatever I want it to be. somedays that’s winning, others (more often than not) it’s about kills/firefights, others it’s about can I land that triple front flip on the bike or other stupid stuff.
  4. If you don’t find a weapon you just have to get creative. Yeah it sucks to loot six buildings and have nothing but part of pubg is making do with what you have and making decisions based upon your unique situation. Now I admit they really need to work on the melee. Maybe I could have killed the dude with the AK after I flashed him if I could actually make the pan hit but hey it’s pubg
  5. If you down/kill the player shooting you then ther bullet will do zero damage to you. if they are shooting someone else however then they can still damage the other person. Its a weird system but was was designed to stop draws between any two players especially for the end of a match.
  6. Welcome to the max sensitivity club. Now if only they they would increase the max...
  7. It was from the end of game screen- but this was probably around 16/18 months ago when game was in beta and I’m pretty sure the numbers added up slightly differently then I mean in those days I was pretty damn good, I’m terrible now after 12 months off, and it was an insane game even for then (despite not killing anyone). But somehow I doubt it was 64 kills worth of damage. A man can dream though 🤣
  8. Yeah but that wouldn’t work. I drop and find a pistol, knock a guy but I can’t finish him to take his weapons so have no way of fighting his squad? Or you knock someone and have to have to wait for them to bleed out when you need their meds and ammo for the next zone but instead you die because they just sit there? Currently there is a good balance between being able to finish kills and being ble to save teammates
  9. Sounds like me in squads... had a screenshot somewhere where here I had 640 damage 1 kill in squads one of my teammates had 82 damage and 9kills. Talk about waiting to fire the last bullet 🤣 No thirsting/finishing knocks is all part of the game. Why should I be unable to finish a knock because all his teammates are on the other side of the map? Also if people want want to steal kills that’s fine. Again it’s part of the game. You can finish them yourself if you want or you can steal kills. It also means players have a harder job to save teammates. If they can’t be finished it doesn’t overly handicap the team that they are downed. Yes dying first in squads sucks but that’s the game. It’s battle royals...
  10. And? That means the game is very much alive and well. Dead would be when there are no players. I still play a game from 2004, it has around 800-1200 unique players a month on pc. It has been that way for years. It is one of the most alive games I have played because it has an active and engaged community who continue to develop and mod it and will help new players out. I would rather play a game with a small number of hardcore players who wish to keep it alive than jump from one newest release to another like the vast majority of the transient masses and the games that have those hardcore players stay alive for much longer than the latest CoD/BF blockbuster.
  11. I would hate to see what happens if your car got stolen....
  12. Leading the way with Beryl and Kar98 with M4 and M24 running a little behind. Everything else is pretty much forgotten XD looking at some of your mastery’s I need to play a lot more....
  13. Too many people sat in buildings in tpp solo not moving or doing anything for my liking (I know it’s a legitimate strategy, I just don’t enjoy it) FPP solo isn’t really in my region and I struggle with the graphics especially since I’ve played it on my computer (og Xbox has terrible anti-aliasing) plus i I have a few friends who play and I would rather fail miserably with them but have a good laugh than play and win solos. Plus we tend to do pretty well even when I can’t be on mic. Probably because we have played games long enough together we tend to work fairly instinctively.
  14. But if your struggling to kill people when it’s down to the last few then the only way to get better is fighting others. Ive recently come back after a year away and I was terrible. I’ve rapidly improved though by forcing fights and teaching myself to aim better and think better. It can be really, really frustrating but it’s well worth it. I know now I have a decent chance in most fights. Hell I still potatoe a lot and miss shots I used to easily hit but I’m confident enough to win 1 vs 2 or even more
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