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  1. Yes I do, and lots of other people do. I play all the battlefield games on max sensitivity which is so much higher than pubg, honestly for me pubg is way too slow. Also I wish people would stop blaming MnK, the amount of users is low and if they focused on their own mistakes/weaknesses they would get so much better. I hate these threads because someone always brings up the "level playing field" argument. This is a fallacy. There is no such thing as a level playing field. Most of the players on these forums will have an advantage over me seeing as I'm on the OG Xbox, using an og controller, playing on a twelve year old tv with a cheap headset. Thing is, I can still play better than most people because I've learnt from my mistakes rather than blaming everything and everyone else.
  2. I had my Kar98 skills in yesterday. Headshot 3 enemies from a 4 man squad while they ran from the blue at around 300m with three bullets. Started messaging me accusing me of using MnK and hacks. Apparently they are going to get me banned ? Didn't like it when I pointed out I was using an OG controller lol. Might have to invest in a elite controller and see if that makes any difference lol.
  3. So waiting for one of these clips to be me... Tbh all I saw was a bad player missing loads of shots and being killed by a better player. Please fill me in on what suggests that a MnK was in use as I am obviously missing something.
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