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  1. Im at 4560 sp in squads. thats a difference of 1440 from the 6000 sp threshold. I notice you get about 15 SP per game if you get to top 10 at least which is a solid 30-35 minutes of playing. That means on average I need to complete 96 matches. 96 matches that are 30-35 mins long minimum. That calculates out to 48 hours of straight gameplay. At maybe 3 hours a day, should be there in 16 days if I play 16 days in the next month. P.S. as this is a low balled estimate using 30 minute matches, it could absolutely be longer. For some people, they were placed lower than me, like 2200 SP. I feel for those 2200 SP players lol. Those guys are gonna have to play 43 days straight at 3 hours a day to achieve 6000 sp lol.
  2. yea I figured that out. kill one person drop out reload game repeat. It just stopped counting last night is all. Should work tonight tho.
  3. i think youve wasted your time lol. I really dont believe there is anybody on the other side of that email. I 100% believe they just toss the complaints in the trash and move on. Think of the Logsitics. Theres a good couple million players (4 mill) that play this game. The amount of Tkers, teamers, and false accusations that get thrown at Bluehole which is a small game studio (no offense to them) has to be unmanageable. There would need to be like a team of like 20 people dedicated to going over the data to pick out cheats and false accusations. The resources to cover that im sure are not there.
  4. Well how awesome is that (sarcasm). I was working my a$$ off doing the really stupid Vikendi Challenge missions to get blue coupons, I did the vault 10x at dino park, emote 5x at castle, and blow up 5 cars. Guess what, I didnt get the Fing mission achieved. I was shot like 28 times healed up like 700 health to do it and barely got it done and I wasnt awarded the damn coupon.... ALSO killed people at Cosmo to get the fur coat and low and behold none of it counted. I dont need the XP, I just want to finish the friggin missions. I have two items left to get before collecting it all and I feel like Ive wasted countless hours.
  5. thats negative days. looks like your 50 years from the future
  6. your family shouldnt invest in a $10 add on if its going to put you in the streets. I got my first job at 15 yrs old at a bagel shop. Check your local laws, you maybe able to get a job and earn your own income at 16.
  7. xbox pubg april fools patch notes like "we will be rolling out an update tomorrow to lock frame rate at 60 fps and solve all rendering issues".
  8. would have been hilarious if they did a Patch Notes for Xbox that said, we will be rolling out an update tomorrow to improve frame rate to 60 fps and all render issues have been resolved.
  9. And then the date was extended to May 7th. Sorry for your grind
  10. This is exactly why I said the Report system is not real. Its a placebo. I want to openly test the system and report about it on the forums but some one was sad about the idea of purposely team killing to check the system and hold blue accountable to some degree of misdirection but no that post got reported and shut down. Enjoy your placebo report system everyone! My plan was to open a second account, have my xbox Live friends be tked by me and then report me. After a month, Id have come here to share the details of the experience.
  11. Nice I think I complete 7 or 8 out of 10 as well but the challenge missions they unlock are aweful.... I am at 10 blue tickets and I cant stand the challenges to get the last two tickets to get my last blue ticket item. Right now I am level 105, I think today is the last day to level right? I would like to complete two blue tickets and one last Vikendi pass mission to get the fur coat (drop at Cosmodrome and get a kill 10 times; im at 4/10). Two easiest blue ticket Challenge missions I think that can be done is: 1.) revive two team mates and use a med kit, first aid, and bandage in one match. 2.) vault at dino park 10x, emote at castle 5x, destroy 5 vehicles. I tried 2.) last night but got shot in the face as I was doing idiotic emotes at castle where I thought I was in cover... Dumbest challenges ever. I had the 10 vaults, 3/5 vehicles destroyed, was almost done.
  12. Rule #1 about random matches, make every attempt to communicate with the team. If they respond and communicate, theres less likely a chance they decide team killing is an option. If they hear a human voice, they recognize the member a person. If your quite, its easy for them to imagine your a useless bot and mow you down. The human element can prevent team killing. Of course if they still kill you then they might actually have serial killer tendencies in real life.
  13. Thats sad, it should take into account your rank and kills.. I suppose being top 10 means time played kind of works but what if you have a game where within the first 2 minutes of the game, there are 20 players remaining. Had it happen last night. super fast game within the first circle lol.
  14. yeah I was pretty sure he saw me the first glance I gave him but I was like "dont....move..." and then I heard the molly and was like oh no Im covered in grass, this is going to be bad, wow he really over threw that. Oh OH OHHHHH!!!"
  15. should have a upvote system for posts to rank the Kar98 kills lol. Heres some solid headshots that should spark some joy. Had some really good ones last night too, will have to upload them. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/joe-domiano/video/61643976 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/joe-domiano/video/60957131 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/joe-domiano/video/61703733 Not a Kar98 but very enjoyable. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/joe-domiano/video/72073841
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