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  1. Balloonknot

    Crossbow thread

    got two the other day in a 1 v 2 scenario lol. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/joe-domiano/video/67465926
  2. Hanging out the window doesnt give you the same coverage of where you can shoot. In the jeeps, if you hang out the right, you cant aim left low. You also may manage to shoot your team mates.
  3. love it. Would make for excellent car firefights lol. Allow M249 or DP-28 to mount on open top UAZ, the truck on Sanhok, or the pick up on Mirmar, and the boats which have a turret mount.
  4. No. 8x8 is fine. Map is huge, should make scopes more abundant. I think the Winchester should have a scope option but not a 8x. It should be a fixed scope as well. Id say 4x fixed scope would be ideal, not the ACOG either. Should be its own scope, unless picking up the ACOG makes it take on the Winchester scope appearance like they did with SMG extended mags on the Thompson or pistol extended mags on the Skorpion, mag into barrel mags. something like this for the winchester.
  5. Balloonknot

    dev report

    As long as their example in the Console Dev Report #3 is not what is actually going to happen, I am fine with it.
  6. Balloonknot

    Is the M249 broken on console?

    Not the best example of m249 use because I literally only got to use it on 1 dude. The team I was with were a bunch of Ex-Navy Seal Team 6 or something. Best random group ive ever had. This clip is probably the only big contribution I got to make lol. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/joe-domiano/video/67098614 I have a 4x scope on it and laced the guy on the rocks.
  7. Balloonknot

    Getting a new headset!

    Well in my case I've done everything I possibly can, every avenue, every conceived solution and still plagued with problems. I will say the best deal out out of Turtle Beach is their support team is very helpful and wont dismiss a lost cause. I recontact TB support and mentioned after 3 months of having the 700s, I have not seen any improvements and they are willing to exchange those for the Elite Pro headset for me that I mentioned above which is wired to the controller. One possible reason my xbox one X loses connection is the RF board is bad but I really dont think thats the case. Ive had 3 xbox ones (two OG and the one X)and all of them have the same issue so I doubt I just happen to be so lucky to have three xboxes with bad RF boards.
  8. Balloonknot

    External SSD vs HDD

    I have an SSD drive, an external HDD drive, and the internal drive connect to my one X. I can use all 3 drives at the same time. The SSD and external HDD are connected via a usb 3.0 splitter to the back usb 3.0 port on the one x.
  9. This is a snap shot of your wifi's performance showing the rolling average. It doesnt show the full picture of dips in connectivity. hard wired connection is more stable and less likely to see packet loss.
  10. Balloonknot

    Getting a new headset!

    stay away from wireless headsets. Xbox wifi everything not the best solution and the headset companies are realizing that. any wifi interference will drive you mad that you spent a pretty penny to have diminishing returns. Wired headsets function through the controller and seem more stable. There are great wired headset options with premium sound available. I had Turtle beach XO Sevens when I first got my xbox one in 2013-2014. They are wired into controller. In 2017, I bought a $250 set of Turtle Beach Elite 800X. They use optical wire to a hub which acts as a transmitter/ transciever. They were true wireless and the quality was pretty high even though comfort was an issue for the price. These headphones randomly disconnected both in game volume and party chat and the occurrences were random. I tried all wifi interference solutions I could find but nothing seemed to work. I assumed the issue was the transmitter base station or the optical wire. After 3 complaints with Turtle beach, I asked them to send me their newer design Stealth force 700 which retailed at $150 at the time. Yes I was ready to toss $100 out the window for newer headphones thinking Xbox wifi everything functionality would be better. The stealthforce 700s connect directly to the xbox RF board in the same manner as the controllers do. No transmitters, no wires. True 100% wireless. They again were plagues with breaking up sound, and party chat disconnects. Sometimes the headset would power itself off once it no longer sensed a connection. Now Im back to using my XO Sevens which have zero issues. Imagine that. If you look at what Turtle beach has put out recently for xbox, their high end headset Elite Pro 2s are bluetooth wireless for phone connectivity, and wired to connect to your controller. price tag is $250. They are probably sick of hearing people complain about connection issues. I live in a townhome and everyone around me has wifi as most families in the 21st century do. It shouldnt be such an issue for headset connectivity.
  11. Balloonknot

    Aim Acceleration and sensitivity settings

    I leave everything default now since blue hole fixed their sensitivity on scopes and most movements.. I don not use aim acceleration or if I do, I keep it low. However when they incorporated true 360* degree rotation, they made the strafing stick L more sensitive to slight changes. I would lower the Left stick movement sensitivity, most players will find the movements more natural instead of dancing the left stick to get in a window. As for the setting, adjust it in game till it suits you.
  12. Balloonknot

    Is the M249 broken on console?

    MK14 deals more damage. Has functional bipod which allows you to fire it full auto while prone and still be fairly accurate. Has full auto mode which is a great defensive feature vs switching your weapons. Ever heard the phrase caught with your pants down? Switching your gun mid fire fight is pretty much the definition. The M249 has 100 round magazine. If you get into a fire fight and the opponents mag runs out, yours doesnt. Also has a bipod and is pretty accurate when prone with small scopes. Can destroy a vehicle in one magazine, no ARs can do that.
  13. Balloonknot

    Is the M249 broken on console?

    M249 is a laser with the bipod engaged. You can almost use the 6x scope accurately with it and bipod engaged. I recommend going to the training grounds and try firing with different sights from standing, ducked, and proned positions. The gun was designed to be used with a bipod to begin with. Too bad you cant utilize the bipod on ledges.
  14. I understand. Just giving you a hard time. With the way the game ran on One X at 30 fps in the inital days, I am surprised it was able to run at 60 fps at all lol. It barely hit 25 fps sometimes in preview.