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  1. https://gaming.youtube.com/user/NobreGamesBR/live
  2. LOL I New already. You are just a joke... "I have knowledge on both sides" lol.... Oh my God, you are funny!
  3. you said you have knowledge on both sides.... you have never ever used adapters, we that use it know it!!!!! You said things, a LOT things that only who never used say!
  4. You don't know nothing! You have never used an adapter for M&K on consoles.
  5. Andeciuala

    FPP is dead af

    I played 3 times fpp yesterday
  6. that's what i thought.
  7. It would be great to compare your status with mine, if you are not a chicken scared, post your gamer tag and I'll post the comparison here.... Well let's see.
  8. Here is a quick video that shows the difference between the mouse and keyboard emulated to the native from PC. https://youtu.be/DVKTe2BRAvo
  9. Wolf Lord BR. that's my gamer tag. I play with mouse and keyboard and don't think it has any advantage. It doesn't get even close to MK on PC. It's not so precise and movement is limites to what controllers can do.
  10. because of so many reasons... I personally play on PC, but I have a lot of friends on Xbox One. People maybe don't have money to buy a nice PC that will rest for the end of the generation. Just because they find easier just to get a game and run, without having to set it up to every single PC available and, have to worry about upgrading pieces and everything... and for the last and more important, I really don't care and search to convince you or anybody so I can play whatever I want, I don't care if you think anything. I do whatever I do without broking the rules, playing with mouse and keyboard is not wrong even if you want or think it is.
  11. why do I have to play on PC? Just because you are a crying baby who needs every one agrees with you all the time, and if you don't like people using mouse and keyboard they can't play in your video game? Cry more, your tears make my mouse just slide better in to you're @#)*(
  12. Do you really think that people who use mouse and keyboard use it to gain advantage over other players... You are just a useless piece of nothing. We use it because we feel better playing with it. Not to be better, not to gain advantage, just because we feel confortable. Little hater learn.
  13. Who what ever say MK is pay to win, have never EVER tried one!
  14. Is it too much difficult to understand, that, today, mouse and keyboard on xbox is only possible with adaptors?! There is not natively supported, so it's not op like it would be. It's only emulating the controller on mouse and keyboard. They are limited by the maximum speed, and everything.... There is no advantage, the best MK players are like the best controller players... Some one who thinks it's OP, should test it before talking sh%~* on internet.
  15. In fact, mouse and keyboard with xim 4, is only emulating the controller, it's not like PC, doesn't have the precision of PC. I'm not as good as my friends that plays with controller.