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  1. You will get one just keep trying, you will notice the difference straight away when you actually get into a EU server
  2. It’s just a matter off time before EU players find out what’s happening and in the lobby your see the player count just keep dropping from players quitting and finding a EU server there’s been no official announcement about it so for me this is the only solution at the minute
  3. Yeah, your get one took me 5 games this morning but eventually got into one like I said if you don’t see EU next to the code in game just quit its not worth the hassle
  4. Best advice is if you don’t see EU next to the code in game under the health bar just quit your not in a EU server
  5. Hate to break it mate but OC is only full because the matchmaking is on its ass https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.polygon.com/platform/amp/2018/10/6/17945702/pubg-pc-update-22-desync-ping-rollback-region-lock-china
  6. Ryank

    Am I playing in NA?

    Yeah @PLASTIKMAN66 helped me spot it credit to him unless I see EU at the bottom I just quit out for the reasons you have given, they had the same problem with PC but still released it which is Strange
  7. Ryank

    Changing region

    No mate it’s not resolved it’s hit and miss you just have to check before you go into a game if a EU server it will state at the Bottom EU if it doesn’t your not in One, I’ve just been quitting out off games that don’t state EU. They had exact same problem with PC but still released it don’t know there thinking behind it
  8. Ryank

    Changing region

    Here we go again...... searched 5 games now not one EU have pictures to prove just don’t want to upload loads off pictures
  9. Ryank

    Region failure

    All OC players can’t believe it they’ve won the lottery...... there actually getting full Games haha it will get fixed there servers will die off again Player base isn’t there for them I hope they sort something out for them, but EU players should not be getting Put in OC servers all I recommend is quitting the game till you play in a game that has EU next to the code at the bottom
  10. Ryank

    Am I playing in NA?

    For me the games that state EU run smooth the games that don’t have EU underneath are not plus you don’t even see anything mentioned about EU servers on the menu mine comes up OC red globe a lad posted this before aswell
  11. Ryank

    Am I playing in NA?

    When you get in the game the code at the bottom will have EU at the end if a EU server if not your in a different region it’s obvious you can tell when your in your own region or not
  12. Ryank

    Changing region

    Need to check again then don’t you I’ll make it easier for you
  13. Ryank

    Bring back server selection

    Yeah region lock EU to OC makes sense
  14. Ryank

    Changing region

    I’m not getting any EU servers does anyone know if there actually up and running I seen a thread a minute ago saying OC server seems busy for 5am in the morning maybe because half of the EU players are getting put in it