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  1. The other night I was getting shot by an invisible enemy who just appeared in a room with me. My duo partner said he seen him run thru the rooms door (no sound at all, and he wasn’t shown on my screen). Of course I was shot and killed while i frantically spun around looking for the culprit. Fun times!
  2. This has been a huge issue for many months and I’m baffled as to why more people don’t complain about it. The footsteps problem is game breaking imo. I’ve died way too many times due to not hearing someone come into the same room as me or even when they’ve RUN up to the building I’m in. Some games the sound is fine but a lot of them, it just plain sucks. You know there’s an issue when you can hear your teammates feet slapping the floor 2 houses over but you can’t hear the enemy run up and come in your building. In the beginning, this game used to have such great sound and was praised for how well it was done. I dunno what happened or why they screwed it up and haven’t fixed it. But something needs to be done cause this game has come a long way but I’m seriously sick of dying due to these sound issues. And it’s not due to lack of expensive headset, so let’s not get into that argument..
  3. For real tho, the audio shouldn’t suck so bad that players need to buy expensive headsets just to win (same goes rendering and ssd). I remember a time when pubgs sound was great, then (like so many other things over time) they messed it up with a patch or two and it’s been crap ever since.
  4. Forcing people to have to play or back out of sanhok is one of the reasons this game is dying. This game doesn’t need a true map selection, it just needs to go back to regular BR and mini BR modes. A couple weeks back on 3 different nights I played TPP duos and had to back out of Sanhok numerous times, probably played Miramar 95% of the matches and only erangal a handful of times. This is over a 6-8 hour stretch of gameplay each night. That’s fucking ridiculous. Sanhok and even vikendi tbh, do not belong with the other two maps, and yes Miramar does in fact pop up way too often.
  5. At this point, everyone backing these developers needs to get their heads out of their asses. There’s no excuse for how poorly this game runs. Quit making excuses for them, you know it’s bullshit.
  6. You’re trash if you need kb&m. Obviously if you have a console, you’re used to using a controller for it. So, with that said..the only reason you’d really need to use a kb&m is to attempt to have an advantage over controller users. That pretty much equals cheating...
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