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  1. I consider myself a top player, MLG pro alpha male domination throughout the pubg nation. The formula is to wash around the key areas before you go into battle, and emptying your bladder.
  2. All hail Wainzor the great!
  3. Well I have a three digit bank account.
  4. You need a new tv mate. Glad you've been feeling good. Tramadol is it?
  5. I think everyone needs to shut up, stop comparing the sizes of your penises with who has the biggest, have a group hug and enjoy the game. There's no written rule on how to play the game is there? Have a great morning/afternoon/evening children, don't go to bed to late.
  6. Your'e definitely MLG ready. I need to recommend more songs for you, this is going viral. And by viral I mean Ebola..
  7. Looks like someone recorded it with Parkinsons..
  8. At the end of the day, it's just a game which we enjoy playing. It's nearly Summer so get out there and read a book over the park or take up yoga. You bang on like PUBG is life! And open them curtains too!
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