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  1. lol @pajama dad I just saw your reply as I clicked submit. The A20's were on my list. Hopefully some of the detail I posted helps someone else.
  2. @pajama dad I have purchased quite a few headsets testing them out. Here is what I can tell you on the Turtle Beach's and Astro's. I will post prices at the bottom. Turtle Beach 600 was the first headset I purchased. I had zero issues with them but wanted to get something a little nicer. I use this headset at the office as it is still a good headset. The mic feels stiff when you flip it up to mute mic and the ear pads feel rough and not forgiving for long game play. If you wear glasses or play for long periods these are not the best. Sound Mix is done by two wheel type volume knobs, not the best but still works. (Note: if you purchase these do a hardware update before using!) My next headset was the Turtle Beach 700's. Great headset with a few flaws. Sound was great, ear pads feel great, and mic flipped up to mute with ease. Only issue I had with these was after a while of play the headset sound would get messed up and when I spoke it would sound like a robot to my party. Reset the headset and it would go back to normal. Another person I know that has this headset has the same issue. Sound Mix is done by two wheel type volume knobs, not the best but still works. There is an app that you can use on this headset with your phone to make sound adjustments. Mic monitor level, tones level, voice prompt level, audio preset, and chat boost. (Note: if you purchase these do a hardware update before using!) Up next everyone in my group was getting into streaming and the word on the street was Astro's was what all the streamers are using so I purchased a set of the Astro A50's. $300 for a headset is quite an investment, but I found an open box on Amazon for $200 and I said why not. Out of the box the mic sounds horrible, but the headset sounds great. Astro has a command center program where you can adjust every setting including: your mic level and tone, custom eq setting's where you can use 4 different set ups, and stream settings. Setting up the command center is the only way to get the best sound possible out of this headset. Another note on the Astro Command Center is there are forums where people who test out different sound set ups post their configuration. You can find quite a few PUBG settings, as well as post questions to ask if you have any issues. As far as mix goes, on the side of the headphones you can press either to the left or right of the ear pad adjusting the mix of game sound vs party chat sound. Here is why this is great. In a vehicle or in redone sometimes the game drowns out your party and you can't tell what the party is saying. Just a few taps on the ear pad and you are back in business. Do you have a friends who vape, or is my kiddo in the background annoying you, or is the party a little rowdy just adjust on the ear pad. This is easier compared to the two volume knobs on the Turtle Beach headsets. I always had to pull the headset off my head to adjust. One issue I had was these run on a 5ghz signal and I ha to adjust my wifi channels because it was causing interference. Once I changed it I haven't seen the issue again. Here is my biggest complaint with the Astor's the base is nice because you set the headset in to charge. Sometimes I don't get the headset aligned properly and they don't charge. You can use a small battery pack with a usb but still the design of the base charging is pretty bad. One option you might look at is the Astro A20's as they use the Command Center as well. I have tested them out at the Pax show but do not own a pair. The have a master volume knob with two buttons you press to adjust the mix. (Note no surround sound) As you can see they all have their benefits and drawbacks. I am pro Astro, but would never turn anyone away from the Turtle Beach's. Pricing: Astro A50's - $299 new - $170 used on Amazon Prime Astro A20's - $120 new - $80 used on Amazon Prime Turtle Beach 600 - $99 new - $70 used on Amazon Prime Turtle Beach 700 - $150 new - $107 used on Amazon Prime
  3. Last night we had a couple of instances where after you killed someone that was using a med or energy drink the sound kept repeating. Weird looting a box and it just keeps replaying the can open and drink sound. Another one is the vehicle sound after you get off. I parked a motorcycle on top of the hill behind the Prison on Erangel. I had walked down the hill to the front entrance and could still hear it. I know this issue has been around for a while but it sounded louder to me. I thought that was going away with update? Maybe I am wrong.
  4. As an Admin of the LowT PUBG Gaming Community, it is my honor to extend an invite to anyone interested in becoming a part of one of the fastest growing and most laid back gaming communities. LowT was founded on the basis of laid back gaming to allow everyone to sit back, relax and enjoy the games we play. With channels dedicated to looking for partners for duos & squads and worldwide users it's never long before I find myself in a full squad and chasing those wins. Our tips, tricks and strategies channel is also very popular with people sharing any hints, controller settings, tutorial videos etc. to help out their fellow members. We are sticking to over 25+, our average age is around 35. Mic is a must, to allow fluid teamwork (and the occasional good banter). All skill levels accepted. Join the Discord Chat in the link => and use your Xbox Gamertag as your name - LowT PUBG => https://discord.me/lowt You can also just join the XBL club if you are not interested in Discord chat: search for LowT PUBG Club in XBL clubs and send a request. Current members in our XBL club is over 500 members. Recently we have also branched out to form ourselves the LowT Mixer Stream Team => https://mixer.com/team/TeamLowT - we have numerous members of our community who are now becoming content creators and we always have the time to help aspiring creators as well. So be sure to come along and check us out & hopefully see some of you guys in the chat, look forward to getting some more of those CHICKEN DINNERS with you.
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