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  1. It has been about 2 months sense I spoke with some one who spoke English. I made sure my region of choice was NA and I even tried EU but that did not fix the issue. For some time now I have only been Queued with players from China and some times Vietnam. I've tried changing when I play because most of the time I play late at night from about 10PM-2AM MST. Even when I play at 2PM MST I still have the same issue. At this point I think that it would be best to clarify. I don't have an issue with where their coming from but the fact that I'm unable to communicate with them. In these 2 months I have established a few things that both sides seems to understand. "Hello", "Help", Come Here", and "China #1". I feel like with an issue like this some one else must be having the same issue. To provide an upside to this post, I have won 2 duos and 2 squad matches. No Communications + Win=Getting Better.
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