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    White screen after start menu

    I have tested this now with over 25 people and everyone of them is claiming it corrected the issue. Again though this will likely only work if the Xbox is connecting with IPv6 and IPv4
  2. DudeBroPrime

    White screen after start menu

    Ok those of you with white screen try this out it worked for me (I’ve had a constant white screen since purchasing). Check the network settings on your Xbox One to see if it’s using IPv4 and IPv4 simultaneously. If so log in to your wireless router/gateway and disable/turn off IPv6. If you’re connecting directly to the modem contact your ISP and have them set you up on obtain an IP exclusively from IPv4. I can’t sit here and say this will work for everyone but it did solve the issue for me and my friend on XBL. One other thing I tried that may or may not have had an impact is I changed the location of my Xbox to the United Kingdom (I live in the states) before disabling IPv6. Give it a shot and post here if it works. Best of luck guys.
  3. DudeBroPrime

    White screen after start menu

    Console: Xbox One X (Scorpio Edition) Connection: Wireless (Open NAT) This issue has been present every since I purchased the game. I’ve been unable to load a single match.