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    PTS drift

    they increased the sensitivities to cater to the Mouse and keyboard players PERIOD. FULL STOP.
  2. wrong , I will buy an approved mouse and keyboard and play by what the rules allow... until then i will not cheat, cause i have integrity. you might want to get some integrity yourself. listen to yourself... "it is ok to cheat cause in a few years they are going to maybe allow it anyway so you know be cool and be ahead of the curve. it is not cheating cause possible future standards might change." I would love to see someone argue in court " your honor i did not steal from that company, I was going to develop a product in a few years that they were going to buy, so the money I took was really mine in the future" CASE DISMISSED!
  3. you are out of your depth and just trolling to justify M&K use. it is abundantly clear you dont know how deep the rabbit hole goes cause you live in your little safe cocoon. and with your safe space you declare everything is fine and pretend it is fact. I have stated facts in this and other threads that have been removed and gotten me censored/penalized. I will not waste anymore time spouting those facts and knowledge. The reason things are deleted is cause BH does not want that knowledge getting out there and exploited even more than it is and they dont want more and more people complaining about the current exploitation that already exists.... they want people in the dark so they feel safe... just like you do... now go back to the safe space.... but maybe just maybe you will think twice before arguing against them trying-to stop what is a problem.
  4. what fact or proof?... it is a fact you have stated opinions... that is all.
  5. wrong you have laid out your opinion. you have not proven it is not a problem you have only stated your opinion.
  6. wrong it is a problem, you prove it is not... the mere fact that tons of people are posting about it means that it is a problem that needs to be addressed. you and a few others are the ones seeking to justify M&K use. it does work that way post footage of me not getting shot by a M&K and i will correct you and show you that i was. that is how it works. until something is actively done to deter M&K the onus is on you and the onus is on bluehole. that is how it works.
  7. you show proof of me not getting killed by a mouse and keyboard player.... the onus is on you not me.
  8. people have before and get banned trust me it is not that hard to find...... just like when these guys here ask for proof... and if you show them proof then you get banned of censored for showing proof... these guys defending M&K use are cheaters and trolls... simple as that.
  9. Thanks for the link. here are the 2 sections that They have that encapsulate the XIM program and device. cause make no mistake it uses a app/software to make changes and to fool the xbox into thinking it is something else that it is not. which in and of itself is a violation of the Microsoft terms. Do Not Use Unauthorized Programs Do Not Use Unauthorized Programs
  10. agreed. there is a guy on Youtube that openly cheats with XIM. he even advertises it openly. he uses the same tired arguments that these guys here do. if you look up his stats he overall is not that good ... but his K/D is high at 2.7(Or at least much higher than he deserves). he has killed a lot of players yet does not have that many wins cause of poor strategy/other skills. he has had videos showing him playing with a regular controller showing that he can get kills ... it is laughable... his aim with a controller is all over the place and he gets a kill then says "see i can get kills with a controller." ... then he goes back to crisp snap aiming and recoil control with his M&K.
  11. Yep click on his name and he is a developer.... Guess he will be disappointed that you are demoting him to community manager.
  12. Like I said folks... Mental gymnastics. 1 he is a developer from what I understand but sense you know everything I guess you are right. 2. Why would he even bother stating they were going to try and stop it if it is allowed by the rules? 3. Where the f are these rules and I bet there is a clause saying that bh can make changes without notice. 4. You said it yourself the rules were only written for PC... Thus either Xbox has 0 rules or they have rules that bh wants to or has implemented. Also rules like this should be obvious and implied. If they didn't have aimbots/hacking rules would you think it was allowed by the rules? Frankly from what you have said anything goes! Why make this argument? The only reason is that you are cheating.
  13. they have already said M&K is not fair/cheating. stop trying to justify cheating just so you can cheat with a "clear conscience". for the millionth time, yet you will ignore it yet again: wait let me guess ... you will use mental gymnastics to say well it is just not fair game play and that they are looking to curb/stop its use...." not fair does not actually mean cheating it means it is not cool, and since i dont care about being cool it is ok to use a M&K, and curb its use means that only special people like me will be able to use it with special permissions by them not stopping me." ... or some other nonsense. you can use whatever logic you give and apply it to actual aimbots that exist in PC... "Well I was able to use it thus it isnt cheating , cause only things that are considered cheating are things that are actually prevented"... "and remember kids , aimbots are just not fair they are not cheating"
  14. the mere fact they are using M&K means they are cheating.
  15. so you are admittedly a cheater? thanks for letting everyone know. it is refreshing for you to at least admit it. it is a problem, they effectively get aim assist when i and many other people dont .... you are probably the same guy that claims that just cause pubg says it is not fair to use a M&K that they dont mean it is cheating... the mental gymnastics to justify this crap is unreal you have to change the definition of "fair"....
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