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  1. vibitrary

    Lag Compensation to solve DESYNC

    No desync in black ops
  2. Every other game developer out there has consistent update schedules and times. They start promptly when they are scheduled. You have absolutely zero sense of promptness, running maintenance anywhere up to 45 minutes plus or minus your scheduled time. It's incredibly obnoxious and unprofessional behavior, but then again, what should we expect from a amateur game developing studio that only has every other successful game developing studio in the world to emulate?
  3. It's not true. You will see desync at 100-150.
  4. vibitrary

    Fix PubG hmm

    Despite this, he's not wrong... we've all played games in alpha that run better than PUBG right now.
  5. Every hacker I report is banned within two days.... maybe thats just me.
  6. Definitely not fixed Great job
  7. I'm forced to just look at my ping when I join a game and leave if its above 50... usually takes 2-3 games.
  8. Yeah I keep getting matched with Europeans more than Americans and I live East Coast USA...
  9. All the big streamers loved playing Blackout... I loved it purely for the fact that everything is functional, and therefore will play it over PUBG. PUBG is going to die. Now that AAA game developers have taken to battle royale, the niche that PUBG has exploited will be dead. Why is anyone going to put up with an amateur game developer that proves time and time again they choose monetary compensation over proper game mechanics, every time? Look, I feel you, I've had great memories playing PUBG. Hilarity with friends over Discord, but this game has never been "good" only unique.
  10. I'd give people who can't construct a proper sentence a bad ping, too. "Why does I"....
  11. Lol rain makes people drop? Did you ride on the short bus or something? Rain is dynamic now. There are no "rain servers" that people drop from.
  12. vibitrary

    Ideal size of map : 6x6km

    Sanhok is basically a 3x3. A true 4x4 and a true 6x6 would be nice, I don't care for the island theme too much.
  13. vibitrary


    Found the google translate entirely amusing, so here it is. "Jedi survival account was mistakenly sealed On the evening of January 1 and teammates playing together double play chicken, the result played about two or three, a chicken has not eaten, the number of killings per bureau less than 0-2, and Did not hang up, and then off the assembly line the next day has been title, record and kda are low No open hanging was hoped to unlock this really is wrong. Thank you"