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  1. Oh boy, where do I begin, you are wrong on so many levels.. Let me drop a bit of knowledge on you, since obviously you watch ''the'' videos and don't have a clue of what you're talking about. it's on me, really, no need to thank me Plus , it's good information for others who don't know how it works. My mistake,but when I say no-recoil scripts, I mean anti-recoil scripts. -You seem confused to what's a mod and a script.. This is the PUBG xbox forum, there is no mods for PUBG on console. Scripts are simple codes and commands. Mods can be much more complex including graphical changes, bug fixes, exploits, HUD changes, etc...We're talking about scripts here, not mods. -Anti-Recoil scripts came first for the keyboard and mouse. They were being used on PC games before the consoles got a taste of it. You can use scripts that were created for the PC on XBOX.. just have to make it compatible, depending on what programming language your adapter can read. You are so wrong when you say anti-recoil scripts are shit, even without aim assist they work and they work better with mouse and keyboard. It all depends on which anti-recoil script you're using... If you're using some half-assed coded script of course there's gonna be flaws right ? but some custom scripts are pretty damn sophisticated and will work great regardless of weapons having different attachments/recoil/firing rate etc.. -Rapid fire SCRIPTS , NOT MODS... do you even know what they do? Rapid fire scripts do one thing, make you shoot your weapon as fast as possible, they don't change the maximum firing rate of a weapon... ie: Let's say you hold down the shoot button and you're using the M16A1 (firing rate is 0.075) the rapid-fire script won't make it shoot 5 times the speed it's supposed to shoot... it's just gonna shoot as fast as possible without you losing accuracy by hitting the button like a mad man. So with that said, Take a mouse and keyboard without scripts and play on xbox. It's still a small advantage. now a mouse and keyboard WITH a good rapidfire/antirecoil script setup and play on xbox. Do you not see that the adapter ( what is allowing you to run scripts) is the problem? Am I wrong??
  2. The device itself allowing you to use keyboard and mouse is not bad, but when no-recoil and rapidfire scripts are involved, that makes it really unfair.
  3. Console players calling out keyboard and mouse use every time they get killed is like PC players calling hacks every time they die. Can't win arguments over this, there is no evidence. Keep in mind some players are better than you.
  4. Iol, I encourage you to read my post again please... Yeah so you're wrong that I'm wrong. Where am I wrong? -Can a single developper CURRENTLY fix this issue? NOPE -Can they CURRENTLY detect or stop this? NOPE Did I say it was undetectable/unstoppable for ever and ever? NOPE Maybe in the future, BUT RIGHT NOW, they can't.
  5. Mouse and keyboard on xbox is not something a single developper can fix. The adapter used can't be detected or stopped. It simply rebinds the controller controls to mouse and keyboard.
  6. OG xbox one ( polaris/standard whatever ) 1.Multiple crashes, seems to be happening more when looting. ( No error codes, just TRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR sound and it closes ) 2.Getting games with 20 to 50 people instead of 100. 3.Matchmaking failed error and cannot reconnect when the game crashes. Seems to be more buggy today, idk what's happening.
  7. I use the original xbox one, plenty of room on my hard drive and I'm using a good internet connection. -Game crashes to xbox home screen. ( Happens randomly, when I get a crash, I'm usually good for 2-3 hours before another crash occurs. ) I will add that since the latest update, i haven't had a crash in about 10 hours of gameplay. Unprecedented -Looting dead guy's inventory ( Unable to scroll through items when looting ) -Unable to use or switch to pistol ( Even with just a pistol equipped or with multiple guns, can't use the pistol at all ) Then there's the fps/lag issues I'm pretty sure everyone is experiencing. ( These issues are the most game breaking IMO) -Map taking forever to load. ( Loading buildings super slow at the start, causes falling through buildings that haven't loaded and sometimes causes death by "Falling" ) -Staying stuck with parachute. ( Can't cut the parachute away, only fix is to have a teammate kill you, then revive you ) -Objects not loading at all. ( rarely, but still happens.. driving through a field randomly, hitting invisible object resulting in death ) Really awesome game to play, even with these insane lags / bugs. Can't wait until the game gets polished even more Keep the updates rolling!
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