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    ok, seriousely. WTF?

    He had a 6x. And he hit you torso, head, head. So a good recoil headshot.
  2. seventy5cent

    Think I figured it out, network

    Two headshots with the scar. Here are the details of your death: Looks like it was a headshot then leg shot. All checks out with a damage chart. If you were full health you would have survived these two shots because a leg shot is 19 damage.
  3. seventy5cent

    Vikendi is Not Good

    Well it is a new map so it should take some time to predict and also some time for ratings to properly adjust.
  4. seventy5cent

    Why pubg

    And PlayerUnkown is the screen name for the creator of the game. I believe he created the battle royal mod in ARMA, then started pubg.
  5. seventy5cent

    ERROR Connection timeout. 1.3.1

    You hit window ledges and dirty because your muzzle is lower than your scope. It's a couple inches, but this game is won or lost by a couple inches.
  6. seventy5cent

    I HATE The terrain in this game.

    It's almost like it is realistic in the fact that you can't go offroading at 60mph without the chance of crashing? On the other hand if you get good enough at the bikes you can drive over anything at a decent speed (100-120kph).
  7. seventy5cent

    I need your help.

    From the video It looks like you landed 2-3 shots. Most are slightly off his shoulder.
  8. seventy5cent

    Ending a game after losing a team-mate

    My squad has won many times with 2 or 3 guys left so we don't quit right away. But if there is one guy left in the first few circles we always rush or kill ourselves.