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  1. Also... Sound is weird, direction and depth seems way off Vehicles are a mess again going over any terrain other than tarmac Had UMP stuttering on full auto again Games without sound at start during plane journey Games with no sound completely even after exiting plane Grenades still don't equip into throw-able slot, need to do it manually in the inventory screen Movement seems disconnected / floaty again
  2. Something is definitely off with the sound in this last update, on Miramar for example, landed in one of the barns east of Hacienda, me & my duo partner.... no sign of anyone landing near apart from actually in Hacienda, the gun shots & firefights in that area were noticeable to me... more so than before, in the midst of the fighting there, i'm looting the barn, my duo partner is looting the long building the other end of the complex, I think i hear footsteps near me, call it out to my mate, he can't hear anything.... so leaves his building & get's trounced, they were actually right on him, yet I could hear them & he couldn't, it happened on a number of occasions then throughout the evening, to both of us.
  3. Update felt weird, for some reason in TPP it felt as if the default camera was closer to the character model, few squad mates mentioned the same, plus the movement on the left stick felt "floaty" again, kept bumping into doorways & missing jumps / ledges. Rendering wasn't really improved, would drop & have to run through buildings twice on initial landing because things hadn't loaded in. Wasn't expecting much, didn't get much. Standard update then where nothing is vastly improved but stuff get's broken 🤣👍 Oh and i'm on an XB1X & decent connection.
  4. Yup, same on Vikendi, there’s a standard ghillie & a snow version.
  5. The movement is still messed up, I honestly have no idea why the hell you guys made adjustments a few patches ago to the left stick & then introduced that "forward" deadzone setting. You'll be trying to move in a straight line and all of a sudden the character will shift left/right & it makes it difficult to navigate, can even notice it when parachuting, more noticeable on long jumps, you'll hold up on the left stick to control air speed & you'll see the player shift direction without moving your thumb on the left stick, i'll try and get a clip, but it's just frustrating as there wasn't anything wrong & then they introduced the problem. Also, the 3X scope sensitivity doesn't seem right, it feels really sluggish at the same sensitivity when compared to a X2 or X4 set at the same, plus the brightness on the crosshair seems off & it's a horrible design anyway, and the X2 crosshair is still messed up.
  6. So far... Massive frame rate drops when in or near smoke. Massive random frame rate drops when just travelling across map, with nothing noticeable going on to cause the issue. Movement is a lot better with the new deadzone update. Not had any noticeable problems with getting shot behind over or desync. Overall sensitivity seems slower compares to previous update, the x15 scope was usable on sensitivity 20, but now it feels like i'm moving through treacle. The biggest gripe I & my squad have is with Erangel, the loot is absolutely terrible on there, when Miramar was released originally the amount of loot was low on there, but that was changed, and for a long while Erangel has been piss poor, it's got to the point where my squad mates wanted to leave the lobby if it was Erangel in the hope Miramar popped up. @PUBG_Andymh5 do the team plan on fixing the loot on Erangel ? do they even see this as an issue ? or if not changing the map selection the same as it's done on PC so we can pick an individual map to play ? the way it is now i'd rather queue for 5 minutes to land on Miramar than get queue for a minute and risk ending up on Erangel.
  7. Had this on the previous patch, actually may have recorded it too !!
  8. Matchmaking on Live is fine, no longer than 30 seconds in all game modes, on the PTS it's terrible, stopped trying to use it because I couldn't be bothered to wait 5 minutes to get into a game only for it do kick me out for "lost connection to host"
  9. The Good The new 7.62mm weapons The white outline around items The directional ping system Default setting for over-shoulder aiming The new blue zone wall Increased sensitivity range The Bad Auto run no longer works When swimming, there's no depth perception in water, can't see the surface when under either The x3 scope sensitivity seems strange, doesn't scale with the sensitivity settings compared to other scopes, need to have it set faster a few notches for it to feel okay The Ugly The new map markers look absolutely terrible The directional compass still doesn't stand out enough to see numbers clearly Animation of players swimming..... Just looks like they are treading water The player name & icon UI on the HUD in the bottom left screen when in duo's & squads looks slightly distorted, as if someone's cropped an image in MS paint & then reduced the image size in the vertical axis The x2 scope still looks like it belongs on a 8-bit system !!! There's probably more to add..... can't think at the moment though ?
  10. People have been complaining about the movement on the left analogue stick, along with stick drift, they've increased the sensitivity globally, so the right stick settings won't feel any difference because they've increased the scale, but the movement sensitivity scale is still up to 100, so it'll feel quicker/faster at those settings. It'll mean lowering the value on those, but possibly increasing the dead-zone setting too.
  11. I think i'm in the wrong forum ? an actual positive post & not about BLOPS
  12. People asked to increase sensitivity, they’ve done it. They increased the scale on aiming, so previous values won’t be impacted, however the “movement” scale is still only to 100, so if it’s too fast, turn it down. They’ve basically doubled the sensitivity range, so set it to 50 for it to be the same as previous.
  13. They’ve increased the sensitivity settings, this also includes “movement” The scale is still to 100, but it’ll move you faster, if it’s too fast turn it down.
  14. Tried a few rounds on the PTS, it’s garbage, gone back to playing the normal game.
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