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  1. The bandaging is just a QoL mod, I mean you'll still have to start trigger use the bandages, but they'll continue to use them until fully healed or cancelled, saves spamming the D pad down to keep using multiple ones. You'll still have to get to a safe place to heal up mind, again think it's just a minor QoL change, same thing with how using boost in cars came about, it'll take the little frustrating things away that you should be able to do. Yes you are going a bit too far 😅😄
  2. There's a LOT of changes....... this will be a big improvement, also red dot on an UZI ?! Hello !! Healing and Boost Item Improvements Healing and boost items can now be used while moving. You’ll be limited to walking speed only. Press the use or run/jump keys to cancel healing/boosting. Bandages will now be used continuously until the player fully heals to the maximum of 75% health, or runs out of bandages, without the need to manually use bandages multiple times. Press the use or run/jump keys to cancel healing. First Aid Kits can no longer heal additional damage you receive after the healing starts. Previously, if damage was taken after the 2-second healing period had started, any additional damage received would be healed if the total healing amount was still 75% or less.
  3. Well god damn it !!! I'd given up trying to switch seats to shoot as the brakes always slammed on !!! Back to training mode to test later....
  4. I missed some too.... Want the Crimson Snowflake M416, the Arctic Digital SKS & also want the Medieval Lv.3 Helmet skin 😥😖
  5. I don't think the rendering at distance is anything to do with an SSD..... think they done it to try & improve the performance by not rendering stuff in deemed to be over a certain distance away, but it's still quite a distance away.... To put it into perspective, this kill was 540m away.... https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/sasorisekinetsu/video/75980494 The buildings in the distance behind the kill look like garbage, but they are probably 800m away.... likelyhood of me actually killing someone at that range on xbox & for the majority of players.... pretty darn slim. Although, I do wish it did render in, but it's not exactly taking anything away from my gaming experience.
  6. So.... While pulling RT to stay on the gas, press A to switch seats, then the car will remain in a rolling state even if I release RT ?
  7. Ah now that's a different issue, I assumed you meant the rendering of buildings while landing into an area. They have significantly reduced the draw distance, hence why you are seeing "playdough" buildings at distance through your 8x.... not sure what the distance is thought, my guess is it'll be too far away for you to kill anyone anyway.
  8. Because of the "lost connection to host" error that's happening when people are loading into the lobby.
  9. Rendering is great for me apart from weapons being delayed.... sometimes, not always The only hair that looks worse is the "afro" it's so bad !!! Haven't given the ranking system much thought, only thing I want is my SP to be pooled across all game modes I'm still getting all maps (see below) TPP modes are loaded with players... FPP I've given up on.
  10. Technically, plugging in a mouse & keyboard won't get you banned. Heck, PUBG won't work if you do plug in a M&K. But... we all know there are "ways" to negate that & allow usage.....this is the thing which is "supposed" to get you banned 🤣 I shall not say anymore, don't want another "warning" for apparently posting cheats when all I was doing is having a technical discussion on how to prevent a cheating method.
  11. Pretty happy with the loot across all maps, I'm really enjoying Erangel again, i'll prefer it with the remastered version which looks to have a little bit more cover in the final closing circles. Biggest issue I have at the moment is the pace of the bluezone in the final phases, i'd prefer it if it closes in at the same or slightly slower pace that a player can run at, but that's a small gripe.
  12. It's not consistent though that's the problem, I don't have this issue constantly, but it does happen. Dropped mansion, managed to get down before another guy, hit the balcony first, no gun, run into one of the other rooms, he lands at the same spot as I did on;y 5 seconds later on a AK & I have nothing.... so I committed to the drop, got down first, yet lose because of the rendering issue, but then next round stuff will spawn in instantly. It's a little too RnG for my liking, weapons should be spawned in before I hit the ground, always.
  13. I still think anyone who's won a 1-man squad dinner should be awarded a Turquoise Delight Kar98k 👀 @PUBG_Andymh5
  14. Lost connection to host though is happening prior to getting in the plane, so everyone backs out before the counter hits 0, they won't count.
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