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  1. SasoriSekinetsu

    Individual Map Selection

    Just seen the patch notes, the "map" selection sucks.
  2. SasoriSekinetsu


    All for this !! Can’t believe they didn’t put it on as an option !!
  3. SasoriSekinetsu

    When you let your friend drive...

    Haha, this is what happens when my friend drives.... https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/sasorisekinetsu/video/65606328 Deffo the games fault 🤣
  4. SasoriSekinetsu

    What match is truly harder to win? (Opinion

    Agree, I think my 1-man squad win is my favourite dinner I've won, wish it did have a separate category for wins.
  5. SasoriSekinetsu

    Ghillie suit is wrong colour on Miramar

    Yup, same on Vikendi, there’s a standard ghillie & a snow version.
  6. SasoriSekinetsu

    To the 5% that this applies to ...

    🤣 nah, if I down a guy & his team mate(s) are not an immediate threat he’s getting killed, not having him give tactical information to the rest of his team.
  7. SasoriSekinetsu

    Self Destruct

    Maybe they watched this ? 😅
  8. Have no idea if it’s to do with the level streaming but still on occasion it won’t show parachutes or players that are landing danger close !!! Still get it in solo, duo & squads, will be scanning the skies, see no-one in immediate area, just long drops or players over 800m away..... then you land, go into a building & there’s enemies hanging out of your arse !!
  9. SasoriSekinetsu

    Reboot Improved Performance

    Had the same issue before, i’ll load the game & everything feels messed up, sensitivity feels way off, CQB fights I’d started winning I’m back potato aiming !! Tried changing my settings in-game to compensate but doesn’t work...only fix I’ve found is a hard reset, no idea why this happens but it’s annoying.
  10. I'll have a decent look later but looks like a sick edit 🤘
  11. SasoriSekinetsu

    1 Year On - (december 12th)

  12. SasoriSekinetsu

    1 Year On - (december 12th)

    A "triple A" company has developed a battle royale game, go play that.
  13. SasoriSekinetsu

    Individual Gun stats please !

    I've already seen a third party website tracker that shows stats by weapons........ can't remember where though !!
  14. It’s rubbish, watching Shroud on the test server on PC using it on a G36C on Vikendi, it looks sharp & bright.... on the XBOX it looks like someone drew it with crayons.