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  1. Yep. Everyone is winning.
  2. Still has a few little bugs. loot once you’ve killed someone or drop more than one item is on top of each other. Its hard to pick up. This is being addressed. netcode ? Really, battlefield server have always been known for inconsistency. Reguardless of region, each servers would ping differently. You’d end up taken notes on server numbers and adding to favourites of the servers you’d pingbest too. (btw netgraph is available in game to see server performance) name another fps game that shows this. Yes, at £18 it’s currently a bargain. Tbh, There’s not a game on the market that doesn’t look and sound like bfv . A decent headset and a v1 bomb is enough to hide under the chair.
  3. We've played since release time, first few games we're a learning curve Finding loot, learning map, not pushing so hard like apex. 9 wins in, 6 in a row and we've got it sussed... This is a PUBG beater IMO.
  4. 7 with no proof (the person below will be able to better that)
  5. Cos there's no point making a skin for one person.... :P
  6. Over one year on since PUBG launched... Adapters are still here. Official MnK is supported on Xbox One. This thread has 58 pages, No one's proved anyone wrong or right. Nothings changed in regards to player input method.... Go argue about something else...
  7. Not an unpopular opinion. but a waste of money in relation to PUBG. I hope it works out for you on Fortnite/Warframe
  8. I'm glad you read my post too I didnt say why I brought a console. That would be a biased and leading Poll... Why not Poll " why did you buy a console", rather than "do you prefer to play with controller" No you said HUGE reason, meaning its a main reason?, high on peoples priorities?
  9. I disagree with that People buy consoles to play game easy.. Controllers are just the method the manufacturers force on you They don't get a choice of controller so put up with whats given. If consoles came with mouse n keyboard they still would buy them After all, we brought a console when it came with a glorified webcam The reason they choose console is cost over easy of use, They're scared of the "drivers" updates and confusing technical jargon in regards to upgrading. So yes, I do agree partially with @fUll951 "people do not buy consoles to play with controlers" There are multiple other reasons why people choose consoles
  10. I think you need to go look on twitch/mixer/youtube. All the top PUBG players are all sitting at desks. using monitors and using controllers. Thumbless Gaga, Cudi, JTX Sniper, etc.... Casual games may sit on the couch but competitive gamers don't... so console's works for both regardless of control input.
  11. Xbox system link has been there since 360. But you don't have to keep the game local, just as long as everyone is in the same room using the same equipment and the internet connection is large enough you can play custom games.
  12. That's very narrow minded.. You do know that consoles are an entertainment device.? The idea of "competitive shooter" can only be achieved at LAN. There's nothing competitive about online gaming, there are and always have been far to many variables to "give the edge" over the standard console package. Having extra buttons on a controller, rapid fire controllers, grips etc (without even mentioning M&K or other adapters.) Online play is for fun, if you think you're that "gud" goto LAN and play on an even playing field...
  13. Bluehole/PUBG have always said they would not allow for supported M&K control on this game. Originally MS stated the M&K would be an option for future titles and not existing games. But Fortnite and Warframe are both the launch titles. PUBG was designed as a Mouse n Keyboard game the aspect of playing is much debated but the menu system would work better as per the PC game (IMHO)
  14. I for one am in great support for M&K coming to Xbox. I'm hoping to see a fair few different titles come where M&K is a better input method. Lego Digital Designer for example would be a great addition to Xbox.
  15. Just WTF? "I don't like the UK due to the sheep, so I'm moving to Australia"
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