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  1. The whole m/k on console discussion is pointless. Yes people use them, yes they will continue to use them. In the end it really doesn't matter .... Pubg.Corp has had intention of cross play between the windows & console versions all along. The issue has existed since the console first was released and will continue, as long as people whine about things out of their control. Deal with it and move on, in the end regardless of what input device is being used, some will get owned & some will do the owning. IT'S A VIDEO GAME. ... SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP !
  2. The flashlights are scattered throughout the entire map. It's not S.O.S / Morse code, it's similar ... but not quite.
  3. Why don't you just learn to read the information posted by the development team or "since reading obviously isn't your strong suit" go watch the video they posted about the design concept for this " Tactical " map design.
  4. They stated in the patch notes when they released it, that there will be places where people could get under the map. It's an unfinished build. I have some videos of it on my Xbl feed. The castle one made me super salty 😤
  5. I think bug. It's not that way on pc, so don't understand why they would change it on console ?
  6. Not only castle, I landed in the court yard of Abby and fell through the map. I had to swim through the water under the map to one of the bridges at castle to get back ON the map.
  7. Level 3 helmets are rare world spawn on Vikendi
  8. Wow ! So much for their claims of fixing that. 👎👎
  9. Strange. Even stranger is that the third video, today that I've seen this happening.
  10. Correction. Only the left stick dead zone has been reduced to 90. So does that mean it needs to be increased ?
  11. After checking through all the sensitivity changes, I noticed the dead zones max has been reduced from 100 to 90 . That would most likely be causing the drifts. Just reduce DZ.
  12. The only "Training Mode" that would be of any actual use to anyone, would have to be a "offline" mode vs. adaptive AI.
  13. Only scrubs play Xb1 Pubg with M/K . Maybe if Bluehole / Pubg.Corp payed as much attention to the console version and it's player's, as they do the Pc ..... just maybe the scrubs wouldn't continue. .... Highly unlikely, but you never know
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