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  1. DecoratedShamus

    Audio options finally.

    Yeah, some "clarification" would be nice. But on the other hand, they could just save it for the "bi-weekly" letter 😕
  2. DecoratedShamus

    Audio options finally.

    No just Master Volume, UI Volume, Effects Volume & Menu Music Volume.
  3. DecoratedShamus

    New parachute

    L3 to "swan dive straight down"
  4. DecoratedShamus

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    Grips & Magazines are still backwards.
  5. DecoratedShamus

    How long for a season

    10 weeks January 22nd to April 2nd .
  6. DecoratedShamus

    Survival Rewards Level. How far did you get?

    I got to 55 and got everything but the gloves. Got two sets of Miramar pants and jacket and 2 of those stupid Vintage helmet skins ( that I can't even get rid of ) 😡
  7. DecoratedShamus

    Does anyone feel the new pass is worth $24.99

    You look through and decide for yourself, don't base your decision off of what others think. If you like cosmetics, I'd suggest getting the premium pass. If not, don't. https://pass.pubg.com
  8. Wow. You sir ..... are an ( insert choice phrase ) I hope you enjoy your ban.
  9. DecoratedShamus

    Supply Pack

    You sure you bought and xbox item ?
  10. DecoratedShamus

    Reworking redzone.

    Yeah I've noticed that over the last few weeks or it shows up ( red circle on mini map ) but nothing happens 😕 It's still not as bad as back when it would just constantly bomb Pochinki over & over & over ect.
  11. DecoratedShamus

    The UMP is overpowered. Change my mind.

    That's simple enough to figure out ! Just go to one of the hundred different Pubg Stat sites and investigate said match ! Check out the video, then compare with the API data ! 😢😡😢😉 DecoratedShamus_PLAYERUNKNOWNSBATTLEGROUNDSFullProductRelease_20190117_03-07-46.mp4
  12. DecoratedShamus

    Asking gain about server maintenance

    Maybe they haven't responded to the server maintenance posts because it's not in their control ! Just maybe it's completely up to and in control of Xbox / M.S.
  13. DecoratedShamus

    Competitive ranking system or leaderboard

    Learn to read & answer your own question 😉