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  1. DecoratedShamus

    Fix the freaking 4 times scope please

    * in order of pics. 1. Reticle used for 5.56mm weapons and Crossbow. 2. Reticle used for 7.62mm assault rifles. 3. Reticle used for SMGs, non-5.56mm DMRs and sniper rifles. Note, it's been like this since April / May of 2018.
  2. Considering that you aren't "Bill Gates" you don't know or have access to the information. You have absolutely no clue as to why they are "AFK",it could be that they have network issues, dashboarded, etc... Originally Pubg's policy was AFK hunters were "Bp farming" and also "griefing" and use to if the data showed them doing it lots or killing lots of Afk's. .. they were given bans. They should just continue to do what is best for "their game". Regardless of what the toxic whiners think about it. If it's a breach of the T.O.S ..... !
  3. DecoratedShamus

    Having trouble hearing Enemies? Dolby Atmos

    The funny thing is .... this has been complained about dozens & dozens of times. Takarii, ( months ago ) even responded telling everyone in the post the exact same thing as Andymh5 just reiterated.
  4. DecoratedShamus

    Make Camp Jackal a real map

    It's "supposed" to be a map choice in custom games. ... but they are having other difficulties. Maybe ..... Soon !
  5. DecoratedShamus

    Region lock doesn't work

    SA - South America ( as in the continent ) You know, Brazil, Venezuela, Columbia, Peru .....
  6. DecoratedShamus


    I keep seeing this in all the houses like this throughout the whole map. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/decoratedshamus/screenshot/11535060 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/decoratedshamus/screenshot/11535071
  7. DecoratedShamus

    Compensators on SR

    Because they believe that the compensator reduces recoil twice as much and therefore helps with bullet velocity. But in my personal experience with Pubg, the comp. only seems to help smg's and the A.K.
  8. DecoratedShamus

    10 grenade challenge tips.

    Ha ha, I managed to pull mine off in Trevno.
  9. DecoratedShamus

    Region lock doesn't work

    Region lock was never instatuted and they clearly stated it would not be ! And as the exact same Automatic Region Selection mess occurred on the pc, they are aware and as they have said on multiple posts " it's being investigated " 😉
  10. DecoratedShamus

    Duos/ 1 man squad?

    Never could !
  11. DecoratedShamus

    Duos/ 1 man squad?

    Duos is not possible by yourself. 1 man squad is self explanatory.
  12. DecoratedShamus

    10 grenade challenge tips.

    Just throw every one you see, don't waste time trying to collect all 10 first. And watch for thirsty hunters that come calling to the sound 😉
  13. DecoratedShamus


    First .... the "castle" is the whole damn island it sits on. Second .... just because the mission states land doesn't mean "hot drop" . Third .... the cement factory mission stating kill 3, does not require you to kill 3 people at the cement factory, you just have to land at cement factory and kill 3 people in that match. P.s. the warehouses at the back of the cement factory by the cliff, are considered the cement factory. 😎