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  1. Speak for yourself Just give players map selection...
  2. Just need them to announce the if anyone has won now then 😂
  3. Gauging the conversation, my initial post was to do with the recoil, and judging by the amount of people who say you really need a vertical grip and a comp (how hard is it to find one these days!). Is this enough to warrant a rebalance? I've started using it again, but can only really get any use from burst fire.
  4. What do people think of the beryl? Personally I think the recoil on this weapon is insane, I much prefer the AKM due to the ability to control it more easily. Do you just burst fire it to avoid the massive recoil?
  5. Would really like the M16 skin, considering I've paid for this pass, I'd expect them to be alot easier. I'm never going to get 6 kills with an M16 now.
  6. I really don't get the jist, it was just a bit of fun. I was trying to get killed for a wild card achievement and decided to strip all my weapons and clothes when I heard someone pull up. Someone always manages to put a downer on it 🙄
  7. It's in a singles game.. how is it supposed to be premeditated?
  8. This mission doesn't seem to count if you exceed more than one kill. Very dissapointed considering I've spent money on this and it's the 3rd mission to not track.
  9. Having this very same issue with reach top 10 in solo. Absolutely shameful, I've lost out on so much xp from trying to do these missions.
  10. I've had the same issue with the same quest. Except I have reach top 10 in solos on daily which tracked, but hasn't tracked any on weekly.. Pathetic
  11. This just seems to bring up an exact copy of the placeholder image. There's no way to see how it looks on your character as it is.
  12. Just a quick mention I'm looking at buying the constable set in game. Yet I can't find any videos or pictures of what it looks like on a male character. Even in the game previewing the item just brings the exact same picture up rather than showing it on your character. Is there anyway I can check this out? A better preview option would be great.
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