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  1. taymond11

    Headset question

    I never used super human hearing so I can’t vouch for that but I think even without it gunshots were harder to pin point
  2. taymond11

    An Update: 7 days no play

    After playing 2000 hours I’m sure he had his spots just like me after playing 1600 hours military, pecado, and ruins. Military: they lowered the loot table now it’s 💩 Pecado: these days loads worse than before I had an SSD (X1X) oh and also lowered the loot table now it’s basically 💩. Ruins: they did mess with the loot table but very little it’s still great but I can only play 1 out of 10. I too haven’t touched this game in a week and man I miss it but I am very hesitant to come back after the same shenanigans all over again.. I’ll prolly play it again today and see.
  3. taymond11

    Played around 8 hours a day until...

    Have you tried it for yourself? I immediately wrote it off as another blackout, but a friend at work convinced me to try it. It doesn’t offer the same feeling as PUBG so you are correct it isn’t the same game but it sure is a refreshing 60fps alternative until sanhok comes back out. Nothing will ever come close to the raw emotion and realism that PUBG gives but every other game can sure deliver at the very least a solid 30 FPS with good rendering and etc. Just saying don’t knock it until you’ve given it atleast 3 hours of open minded gameplay. Also why is everyone saying “leaving” PUBG I have both and play both lol they are just games you don’t have to pick sides.
  4. taymond11

    PUBG falling behind?

    Atleast give it a fair shake, I told a work friend I would try it with him while thinking there’s is no way I will like this game. I am an avid PUBG player so I was like let me atleast give this game a try I never played any titanfalls. I went into it with an open mind and it’s a very fun and good alternative to PUBG IMO atleast until I can get my sanhok only again.
  5. taymond11

    Elite Controller Settings

    I run type be controls with upper left=LB upper right=B helps especially when sniping and trying to get the right angle you can aim lean crouch lay down hold breath all at the same time the only downside when I first mapped it I jumped out of a vehicle by accidentally hitting the paddle other than that works like a champ i don’t remember the last time I actually hit the B button
  6. How does this help? I’m not having any major problems just want to do it to see if I notice a difference can’t make things any worse lol. and also would you suggest doing this like once a week or something like that? I’m on X1X SSD
  7. How full is your SSD? I had some of the rendering issues after hotfix. (1X with 500gb ssd) once I noticed the slower rendering I checked my ssd it was 75% full so I moved everything but PUBG and PUBG PTS off of it and it’s fine now. May not fix your frames or input lag but worth a shot to try. Personally after moving 1 50gb game off of it I noticed my textures were fully rendering after 5 seconds on the ground and by textures I mean detail In walls etc. playing on 4K HDR
  8. taymond11


    It’s free for everyone in the Microsoft store? I may get a couple friends and try it out if it’s a free laugh it’ll be worth it
  9. taymond11


    I mean the color of the white circle that indicates the new safezone. I play on Tritanopia setting my (blue) zone is green but the new safezone indicator circle is still white. On a map that is also white.
  10. taymond11

    What Is Your Favorite Aspect Of PUBG?

    Mine has to be the strategy aspect also gunplay and mechanics.ex. Recoil and bullet travel time and drop. Also time to kill it makes you pay for not being on alert at all times. Relax for a few seconds at the wrong area and your done.
  11. taymond11


    And just for the record I have no experience in the game development industry at all these are my assumptions. But a simple color change of a circle has to be able to be done in an 8 hour shift...
  12. taymond11


    Whoa whoa whoa lol I can’t commit to not playing it until they fix it we prolly wont ever play. I’m gunna play it regardless but man they always talk about QoL updates there are a few things they could do to really make things better. I understand figuring out the ready up bug could take a lot of trial and error and etc. to fix but a simple change the color of the white circle ring on vikendi could more than likely be done by 1 person and completed in 1 work day but yet they still haven’t done it even after the PTS.
  13. taymond11


    Sorry about my rant guys but this is the truth I am an avid PUBG player I play it 95% of the time when I am on I love this game to death but the development of this has been horrible and it really hurts. I thought I could be involved giving feed back helping out others but time and time again we are continuously let down....please LIKE,RIP,THANK or whatever you feel so this can get some attention hell even reply let’s get this thread going hot
  14. We are back to the beginning of pubg. Broken updates, little to no communication, and still on the back burner. For awhile there I thought we were doing great even after the large steps back with rendering. Once again we are given a horrible game (if you play squads). The development of this game makes me feel horrible nothing we say matters they just give us the PTS to slow down updates bc obviously they fix little or nothing from the PTS and move it straight to live. Does anyone feel genuinely disrespected I mean I bought the game on Dec. 12th 2017 I’ve been here since the beginning and really feel bad. I don’t want a new map I don’t want new skins(even though I’ll buy them) stop adding BS and start fixing things. Circle on the map (vikendi). that has been a problem that we have complained about since the first day of PTS Such a simple fix but completely ignored on the PUBG XBOX forum, this is how we are supposed to give feedback but what’s the point they don’t listen anyways. Squads are broken, they can’t even get a simple UI to run smoothly the menu jumps 2 every time I press 1 down or up WTF is really going on over there? I thought Microsoft was supposed to have a hand in this. Honestly I feel like this game has made my whole Xbox 1 X run crappier.