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  1. taymond11

    Upgrading to a One X

    I know what you mean cool deal thanks man!
  2. taymond11

    Upgrading to a One X

    Yeah man I was pissed paid for brand new ones with 1 day shipping got an open box the headset has scuffs and stuff so called got it fixed they sent a new one with 1 day shipping then missed delivery Saturday and today’s holiday still can’t get them till tomorrow FML. I think the new pair will be fine I plan on doing the same update out the box any complaints after extensive use?
  3. taymond11

    Upgrading to a One X

    Yeah I really like everything about them but amazon sent me a used pair instead of new and the game/chat mixer seems odd like I’ll have it set to a volume then at random it will change and also dealt with some audio dropping lastnight. Then again it’s a used pair and I did update the firmware. I’m expecting it to be better when my actual new pair comes in but overal I really like them
  4. taymond11

    Individual Map Selection

    I couldn’t figure out how to delete the first 2 paragraphs in response to the 3rd when you can’t see until your already halfway across Miramar how are you supposed to quit and save a death? I don’t deal with this but my friends on OG and S usually don’t load in until we are already 1/4 or 1/2 through the flight path.(Miramar only)
  5. taymond11

    Headset question

    I just bought the LucidSound LS35x and love them the sound is good to me I am also using a free trial of Dolby but so far after 3 days of use here’s my review. CONs: 1.)It can be hard to find your personal sweet spot between chat/game. 2.)They have relatively less Bass than my Turtle Beach 420x. PROs: 1.) They look so beautiful and feel amazing on my ears. 2.) After I tuned it to my preference I can hear footsteps 25-50m away in PUBG. Got 2 10 kill solos on my first morning using them. If you have any questions let me know I feel like these are a good headset I was also considering TB stealth 700, Razer Thresher I was looking for only wireless.
  6. I also completely agree with a weekly maintenance even if it’s just a 1-2hr server reset or something. I think for awhile we were getting small weekly or bi-weekly updates and it helped out so much.
  7. taymond11

    Adjusting Loot On Vikendi

    Yeah I really wish the would simply add it in now, but I bet after a month or so of ppl complaining then they will act oblivious like it didn’t just happen on pc and adjust it.
  8. taymond11

    Individual Map Selection

    Searching...nah lol in a couple days this will fall to page 2 and be forgotten 😉
  9. taymond11

    Individual Map Selection

    So now instead of being able to constantly play on a lootfull map I will have to take my chances 1/3 of being able to play on it or continuously back out. The worst part about this game is the Lack of Loot on every map besides Sanhok. Anyone else agree that the new map selection will be 🤬. I was expecting Sanhok/Vikendi Miramar/Erangel I could deal with a slow game scavenging for stuff until there’s 5 ppl left every now and then but not constantly...
  10. Anyone know if the update will also include adjustments to the PTS vikendi loot? Map is amazing love it but the loot makes me hate it. I’m ok with the mainly smg stuff but throughout the whole PTS I found a maximum of 5 SR. The rest I had to eventually get fighting.
  11. taymond11

    Upgrading to a One X

    Nice man I had Turtle Beach 420X but having problems I wanted to get some HyperXs but couldn’t find any completely wireless so after a bunch of digging I ended up getting the LucidSound LS35X and man o man I love them. Once you go wireless you can never go back. You can go pee and only have to mute your mic no taking the headset off it’s amazing
  12. taymond11

    Upgrading to a One X

    I use X1X SSD and have a 4K HDR enabled TV. First off I don’t think you will need to reformat the SSD it should be just plug and play. 2nd welcome to the club 🍻 I think you will notice the graphics (4K). I am not sure how it is playing in 1080p but I’m sure others on here could help you out. Personally I love my X and and super glad I upgraded also just got a new headset and loving it aswell. I’m not sure what you have but it would be worth looking into headsets that utilize windows sonic on your X.
  13. taymond11

    Killing Knocked Players

    While I respect your opinion I have to disagree lol I live by the rule you finish I finish. A downed player can reveal a lot of information if you watch his body language 9/10 times they immediately turn to look where their teammates are giving you a general direction. Yes they can give information to there teammates but I use that as fuel I try to dangle the bait in his face so he continuously is saying he’s right there!! And then As I hear someone running up I reverse side (ex of a rock) or rush out to meet them for the element of surprise usually first person to land a shot wins CQC. Also I feel like it is just good sportsmanship to leave teammates alive and gives them a sense of urgency if you finish they have no reason to rush there strat. But beware if you finish one of my downed teammates I will be the dirtiest player ever sneaking all up down and around ruins to slowly pick you off 1 by 1 until there’s 1 left them I’ll kill myself start a new game and leave you wonder what the hell is going on lmao. Happy hunting
  14. taymond11

    Vikendi release after PTS closure

    A Tuesday lol 😉 just not the one everyone was hoping for.
  15. taymond11

    Vikendi release after PTS closure

    Been playing on Xbox since it was released 90% of updates are Tuesday mornings usually about 3am CST. Don’t be suprised if we get an update soon. It makes since with them closing it a day before.