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  1. I never used super human hearing so I can’t vouch for that but I think even without it gunshots were harder to pin point
  2. I just bought the LucidSound LS35x and love them the sound is good to me I am also using a free trial of Dolby but so far after 3 days of use here’s my review. CONs: 1.)It can be hard to find your personal sweet spot between chat/game. 2.)They have relatively less Bass than my Turtle Beach 420x. PROs: 1.) They look so beautiful and feel amazing on my ears. 2.) After I tuned it to my preference I can hear footsteps 25-50m away in PUBG. Got 2 10 kill solos on my first morning using them. If you have any questions let me know I feel like these are a good headset I was also considering TB stealth 700, Razer Thresher I was looking for only wireless.
  3. A Tuesday lol 😉 just not the one everyone was hoping for.
  4. Been playing on Xbox since it was released 90% of updates are Tuesday mornings usually about 3am CST. Don’t be suprised if we get an update soon. It makes since with them closing it a day before.
  5. Make sure to double check the PTS was downloaded to your SSD I had to move it over bc I forgot I set new downloads to internal and deleted to PTS a while back. Just a thought I have X1X SSD Wired 400dwn 40up and haven’t dealt with this. Also I’m in N.A. and the only PTS server is N.A.
  6. I play X1X N.A. wired connection and on the PTS is both “Framerate Priority” and “Resolution Priority” I threw 4 Molotov’s and 3 Smokes and it was still buttery smooth. It felt weird honestly but I don’t notice much of a difference as far as overal frames and resolution but both modes are better than live server.
  7. Also when playing my audio inverses almost 1 time per game now it’s been slowly getting worse
  8. My thing is we can’t trade them or anything so they have no value other than ingame I hope 1,500 isn’t $5 that would be a little expensive.
  9. Can we get some awesome skins for completing hard challenges similar to CoDs for gold diamond etc. I’m down to buy skins but also i would like some that you have to earn like a diamond plated gun. The Kar specifically it could be get 100 1 headshot knocks/kills or even more but something that my hard earned “time” will get me and when I see someone else with it I will know they as well have earned it.
  10. I’m not sure what it is on pc but I’m expecting 1,000 gcoin=$1 USD with buying 10,000 getting the 3,000 bonus similar to other games
  11. @PUBG_Sheepy also on X1X wired connection open nat I have had this happen to me multiple times mainly on roads. I dropped a box of 762 ammo and I could see it sticking out of the road it may drop a little below graphics. 1 specific spot I remember is on the main road in Los Leones a car blew up in red zone went to loot and couldn’t pick up any items I dropped although I could loot the player boxes. Please look into it. Also have had it happened in Erangel military barracks over some rubble. Happened on both PTS and Live servers.
  12. Personally I love the pts, except on my X1X wired 400mbps internet I land to playdoh buildings and that is obsurd. As long as when it’s pushed live they fix the rendering issues I will be fine but I think it is crazy when this game first came out I would land in military with buildings fully rendered and loot already on the ground and now I land to playdoh buildings as if I’m on the OG xbox. Sad!
  13. I crashed again while in a gunfight... same setup shooting an M-16 TPP NA server Squad game
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