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  1. Nayte

    Map Selection Update

    Come on guys, we could have both. A filter for those who want to play on certain maps. As as well as a quick match option.
  2. Nayte

    Tap "X" to reload/enter vehicle

    A seperate option selection would work great. Signed.
  3. Nayte

    I should turn DVR on...

    Capturing 30 seconds of greatness is always worth the death afterwards.
  4. Nayte


    I wouldn’t necessarily say the game is dying, it’s just the core player base is, and has been rather low. Like most games, there’s a honeymoon phase, where all the hype with a new game, content drop, or update that brings in new players, as well as returning players. After a while the population numbers will never look like they did at the games beginning. That said, some more transparency from the devs would be nice. Wouldn’t really mind if they were open about saying our game will never run as smooth as our competitors. Also, I do not necessarily agree with moving certain threads to off topic. Particularly the “PUBG vs Apex” thread. There’s valuable insight from other gamers which the devs could use as a form of constructive feedback to better their game. Nothing good comes from residing in an echo chamber. PUBG has been my favorite shooter since it came out in December 2017 on Xbox. However, while the game runs better when compared to then, that’s not really saying too much from what most gamers expect from a game in 2019. One which had been under development for years now, and one that seems to be focusing more on micro transactions, than optimizations. That would be ok if this game was free to play, however we all know that’s not the case. Please BH, take some notes from the Apex threads. If this game could look and run on console like it does in your game trailers, this game would be amazing. Let’s just have some info on whether or not it’s even feasible.
  5. Nayte

    All the sweet threads

    I’m rather surprised that the “PUBG is dying” beats out “FPP vsTPp”. The point of those “this game is dying” is actually decent feedback for developers to try and improve their game. TPP vs FPP threads are just subjective opinions being tosse around where nobody really changes their opinion.
  6. Nayte

    Apex Vs PUBG??!!!

    PUBG has been one of my favorite shooters since December 2017. That said, Apex is absolutely a finely polished BR experience. One that everyone who calls themselves a BR fan should try. The devs at BH should really be taking some notes on how a game should look, and perform. Never mind the fact it’s free to play. Yeah, the game (Apex) is badass!
  7. This gives me hope that we’ll eventually see a map selection feature coming to Xbox. TPP wait times are substantially shorter than FPP on Xbox. I’ve had ques go on for several minutes, even surpassing 5 in some instances on the NA server. I remember reading that something like 65% of NA players choose TPP, and on Oceanic it’s around 90%.
  8. I’ve had a few “have fun with the report” type messages. To which I’d reply “thanks for the compliment”. If anyone ever started spamming I’d just block them.
  9. Nayte

    My favorite complaints on this board

    My favorite is the irony of people complaining about people complaining..
  10. Nayte

    If I leave team help.

    I agree A vote to kick would work well too.
  11. Nayte

    Does anyone else love the R45 revolver?

    The 45 pistols are my favorite. The 1911 is my preferred pistol, though the Rhino is a monster. Here’s the only clip I have of using one. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/nayte/video/68825554
  12. Nayte

    absolutely discusted.

    It seems like a break from PUBG would go a long way. Keep playing other games as you’ve mentioned. Then perhaps come back after a couple of weeks and I’d be willing to bet you’ll have a fresh perspective. The devs have mentioned in the past that separating the maps would cause significantly longer que times. Maybe, once Vikendi isn’t quite as new, we’ll go back to a mini royal mode, this time a 4x4/6x6 combination.
  13. Nayte

    Xbox Esports

    That’s fair. I suppose we’ll have to wait and see how their optimizations go moving forward..
  14. Nayte

    Xbox Esports

    Guess you weren’t around for the old H3 days with guys like t-squared, lunchbox, and the ogre brothers. You’d swear they were using a mouse by their lightning quick reflexes.