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  1. The current reporting function seems fine. If someone feels that another is truly cheating/exploiting they’d surely take the time to fill out a report on the forums. Otherwise you’d have a ridiculous amount of people merely reporting out of frustration, further wasting the time of those who review the reports.
  2. Titles being available on next gen is one thing, whether or not a dev team decides to optimize their game for it is another.
  3. PUBG has been one of my favorite shooters since December 2017. That said, Apex is absolutely a finely polished BR experience. One that everyone who calls themselves a BR fan should try. The devs at BH should really be taking some notes on how a game should look, and perform. Never mind the fact it’s free to play. Yeah, the game (Apex) is badass!
  4. Nayte

    FPP is lit rn

    Damn, you waited 20 minutes longer than I would’ve. I used to play FPP exclusively. Now, I’m playing TPP, and finding a match within a few seconds. Wonder why no one wants to play FPP anymore?
  5. Happened to my team as well, we all had a pretty good laugh. We are on one x’s, so seems to be a development rendering issue, as opposed to a console problem. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/nayte/video/66081824
  6. Happy to hear you PS guys and gals are able to play PUBG very soon! Good luck out there to all of you new players. My advice, take it slow, and have some patience. PUBG is a very different, uncommonly satisfying shooter.
  7. While I understand the decision to consolidate the playlists due to lower populations, I’m still bummed NA FPP duos is gone. It was my go to game mode. Here’s to hoping there’re some better algorithms found to quicken the search que, so that we may see that glorious playlist return.
  8. Yeah, I’ve had several instances, a well as teammates being unable to loot some guns, ammo, accessories. Video below: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/nayte/video/59022008
  9. Nope, not when you agree to the devs ToS, you are agreeing to abide by their rules while in their game. Your personal feeling the matter is moot in that regard.
  10. It’s about keeping as level a playing field as possible, and ultimately is up to the developers. Perhaps you should play on PC instead..
  11. Just because Microsoft is implementing K&M, it does not mean it will be allowed with every game. BH has been very clear they will not support that feature on console. So so have fun using K&M elsewhere.
  12. How about a “preference selection tab”. You would input your preferred game mode, map, etc., and the game would prioritize those credentials for a set amount of time, before choosing a more optimized game if it doesn’t find one initially. These types of threads are a great idea, pop into the Xbox forum some time.
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