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  1. My buddy and I had a good laugh after getting this kill. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/nayte/video/67947110 You can see the persons body get propelled into the air immediately after dying. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this, though it was a first for us.
  2. Nayte

    Are you KIDDING ME!?

    You have to love how the forum goers help to put these things into perspective..
  3. Nayte

    FPP games

    Yeah, I’m from NA and work an off shift. The wait times late nights for NA FPP are pretty bad. I usually end up waiting for several minutes at a time, only to enter a lobby with 40 people.
  4. Nayte

    Is the M249 broken on console?

    I found one last night and gave it a try. It’s actually pretty damn good, even mid-long range if you feather the trigger. Was rather surprised how accurate it was with a 3x.
  5. Nayte

    Teamers on xb?

    Those restrictions are rather weak imo. They’re technically not bans, but suspensions. Upon the third offense it should be a several month suspension.
  6. Nayte

    Rendering Suggestion

    Is it? I’m no game developer, though I’d imagine it would.
  7. Nayte

    Rendering Suggestion

    I wasn’t talking about my Xbox rendering those points, not sure where you saw that. It would of course be the server. Here’s another scenario. A portion of gamers mark areas the team doesn’t even end up landing. You can fill in the rest..
  8. Nayte

    Rendering Suggestion

    It’s a nice idea in theory, though you can imagine the rendering strain with 100 players marking different areas..
  9. Nayte

    Vikendi going to live

    Not a terrible philosophy. Set your expectations low and you won’t be disappointed..
  10. Exactly, that way if the driver is knocked, you’re stuck for the ride until it’s safe to exit, or if they would allow reviving on the fly.
  11. They could just have a slumped over animation solely for vehicle knocks.
  12. Nayte

    Elite Button Mapping

    The ideal reason for the paddles is to keep your thumbs on the sticks. So really any combination of A, B, X, and Y to any paddle will benefit you greatly. Its a big reason a lot of folks preferred the bumper jumper setup back in the Halo 3 days. As you were able to continue tracking a target while jumping. A similar function holds true for the elite controller. Any setup that allows you to aim and move while performing other actions is going to give you a big advantage.
  13. Nayte


    I agree, and would rate the maps the same.
  14. Nayte

    what do squad colors signify?

    Mikles nailed it above you there. Its who enters the game after the lobby first, which dictates who is yellow and so on.
  15. Nayte

    Elite controller

    Hey, at least it’s whiskey. Personally I usually go for Makers or Larceny served neat.