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  1. RACED

    fallout 4 or pubg?

    How long does it keep interesting? The last Farcry I played was 3 and it didn't take long to begin gathering dust.
  2. RACED

    TK is out of control again.

    I agree with not having to tip toe around the team killers. Unfortunately however some people are just monumental cock ends when it comes to their behaviour on the internet that there's nothing we can do to get other people to grow up or just not be shit in general. There are things you can do to limit the chance of it happening but ultimately its here to stay and thats a shame.
  3. RACED

    PUBG Grand Tournaments

    I like the idea of them holding tournaments. Not too keen on the entry fee and the prizes you have described. For a $9.99 entry fee across 100 players I would at least want the prizes to be something worthwhile. For nearly a grand in money just made by the entry fee i would have thought that splitting the money for cash prizes would be the way to go.
  4. RACED

    fallout 4 or pubg?

    Im am getting towards the end now. I finished the previous XCOM entries but this got put to 1 side. Once i finish it will 100% be getting the DLC. Red Dead is coming at Christmas so in a hurry to get XCOM done before then.
  5. RACED

    fallout 4 or pubg?

    Last month I finally got to finish Fallout 4. I intended to get it done it time for Fallout 76 but with the reviews that game has received I'm gonna let them keep that one. I have to have at least one other game to play alongside PUBG or I get bored very quickly. At the minute I'm running through XCOM 2 ... another game i never completed. And yes I will have some ice cream please
  6. RACED

    Pubg mobile best device to buy!

    7. Xbox One X
  7. RACED

    Is an SSD worth it for PUBG?

    Yes. It has to be at least 256gb though but totally worth it. I would have discarded pubg a while ago had i not installed it onto my SSD.
  8. RACED

    Futile Arguments

    C64 all the way
  9. RACED

    Futile Arguments

    I think it's down to the mods discression to dish out the punishment as they see fit. Not sure if there's an amount you get to that gets you banned. It all depends on what you say and how the mods interpretation of what is against the rules. By that I mean I've been warned for somethings that I see others guilty of. Though the opposite is also true, I should probably have way more than I actually have.
  10. RACED

    Futile Arguments

    Roger that. We're just waiting for the right posts is all
  11. RACED

    Futile Arguments

    Don't worry the nosebleeds kicked in an normal service will now resume.
  12. RACED

    Futile Arguments

    100% some are trolling. 100% some actually believe what they put too. 100% its the same game
  13. Do you attach a x8 scope?