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  1. It just goes beyond my imagining how a company takes pride in game so full of cheating monkeys, that they proudly call it esport ready. And it also goes beyond my imagining how a company takes such pride over a game where THEY ALLOW cheating to be the norm. Endorsing cheating instead of actually do something that sticks against cheating, it just baffles me. You should be ashamed of yourselfs, but i know you arent, cause hey, you earn big bucks. But seriously, you should be imprisoned and have the key thrown away for the way you handle the cheating issues that plague this game, or rather, not handling. There is a easy fix for this....i am gonna say it....remove Asia from beeing able to play the game entirely or make sure all the cheating monkeys play on a server where they all can play against eachother instead of ruining a non-cheating community. You are a shame for human kind and you are a shame for the gaming community.
  2. Seriously Pubg Corp or BH or whatever you call yourself. GET THE CHINESE PLAYERS OUT OF EUROPEAN SERVERS for crying out loud! Every top10 situation you end up in theres 9 chinese players and you and they all have silenced M24's or silenced AWM's or silenced Kar98's and they are all crackshot McGee! Its obvious they all cheat, its obvious, just face it, and you tell us that want them gone that we are racists? Go screw yourself against a frozen lamp-post! They all cheat, its wellknown! Just have a look at the leaderboards on European servers, littered with HuyaTV twats and whatnot! Get some frackin backbone and stop them from beeing able to join European servers!
  3. From what region is the company that owns this game now again? Oh right, that region. From what region does most of the cheaters come? Oh right, that region. Do the math.
  4. Since Vikendi came out, i have had atleast 40 banned, Before Vikendi came out, a longer time-span might i add, i had probably 20 or so. So the hacking has become much worse the last4-5 months or so. I just cant understand why BH is promoting cheating like they do. How you ask? Well, they allow regions who endorses cheats and has no problems with cheating to play on other regions servers that has both moral and ethic problems with cheating. But they dont care, they force cheating down our throats. Its all about the cash, they dont love their game whatsoever.....only the cash the game brings in.
  5. rofl who cares. Those big streamers will jump between games all the time. None of them are truly loyal to one game. And i think he is doing ok, he dont need anyones help. Not that i would help him anyways.
  6. Its a skin, who cares, doesnt impact gameplay or anything. Just dont buy shite like that.
  7. ikr....its boring as fuck and makes it a no-fun gameplay.
  8. And this topic was about cheating and it derailed to doors. Good stuff.
  9. Hey! Thats racist....according to some people. Just becuase we dont like cheaters, dont wanna be forced to play with cheaters, we are racists. The fact is, that region we want out from our servers, makes and industry of cheating and they have no prblems with it, its infact encouraged. So dont be a racist against cheaters.
  10. I agree, it is plagued with hackers. Since Vikdeni released i must have gotten around 30-35 banned for cheating. And people denying it are just either trolls (assholes in otehr words) or just using something fishy to enhance their gameplay themselfs, sad but true. And, when you let a region that is known to allow cheats and use cheats as a standard, into a region that is against cheating into its core, then you create even more cheaters and even more problems. To bad some are just to blue-eyed to see the "truth".
  11. I 100% agree with this. Sound issues makes me not wanna play this game as much as i have been in the past. That and ofcourse the increased number of cheaters from, well you know, other parts of the world playing on EU servers.
  12. Its even worse on Vikendi, the night version. All you hear there is the retarded wind howling. Had a guy run up to me, within 5 metres and i couldnt here him comming. Fix Pubg? Nah, not so much.
  13. Oh its the same in Europe. Horrible atm.
  14. Yeah, but they posted this 6 hours ago so. It is implemented.
  15. https://twitter.com/PUBG_help/status/961494455063900161
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