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  1. Dgkallday09


    I never use to have rendering problems but ever since the snow map hit live, I have them every single game. Wtf happened. Everyone got a gun before I do n there’s nothing I can do about it... I’m not buying n sad either. Just fix the game
  2. Dgkallday09

    Problems since update

    But even after these problems, I still love this game and want to get on every single day. This snow map is just amazing, and with the rework coming I think it’ll be that much better. Just frustrated I’ve never been able to enjoy the full quality almost flawless pubg I want..... rant over!
  3. Dgkallday09

    Problems since update

    It seems like my games performance has taken 10 steps back with this update. I used to NEVER have rendering problems and just recently been desync free (2 1/2 months) but now with this new map my game runs like garbage again. I refuse to go buy an ssd to make up for your poor developing choices. I just simply won’t do it... like 2 weeks ago my game ran the beat it’s ever ran before but now it’s a joke. I’m a decent player and I can’t get as much from the “season” as I should. I’ve been able to win 4 of my 20 matches but I coulda done SOOOO much better if I wasn’t experience so many desync issues now. The renderings so bad I’m falling through the map while drive on the OG maps... there’s no reason a game should go 3 steps back when trying to take 1 forward this far after launch. I’m disappointed
  4. Dgkallday09

    Bugs in season menu

    I’ve been unable to hit “RB” to switch over to career or leaderboards since the update came out. I am also unable to select “season rewards” or “sp info” ... I can however select from TPP and FPP and the titles are correct. EDIT:: never mind, after quitting to title screen everything works properly.. in the menus... games alil buggy atm lol
  5. Dgkallday09

    Falling through the map at high rate.

    This shit pisses me off. This is a huge problem that was found on the test servers by us players and they told us it’d be fixed when it went to live....and yet again they lied. I’m getting sick of the Microsoft device team for the xbox pubg, for real
  6. If you’re getting the “can’t connect” message, try restarting your console and you should be good. Just did this myself. Hope this helps
  7. If you’re having trouble connecting after the update, try restarting your console. Should work then. I got the “can’t connet” message for 10 mins before I thought to try this. Hope it helps
  8. Dgkallday09


    Either this thing needs nerfed alil or the servers are super laggy today bc I’ve done nothing but 2 shot lvl 3 helms all day with it. Seems alil strong honestly. I can’t do that with the m16 or Beryl and they’ve got a higher base damage🧐🤨
  9. Dgkallday09

    under mirimar

    Just a hole in the map that needs patched. Another concern with your video is when your head was clearly above water you still continued to take damage for a second. Which almost killed you. That’s also something that shouldn’t happen n needs addressed.
  10. Dgkallday09


    Really man, you should work on your censorship. Think you chose the wrong words on that one lmao.
  11. Dgkallday09

    Got pts timer up to 20 sec but still fails

    Nvm I see it’s acually down, so much for playing today. Maybe in 4-5 hours when I’m not able too, cool.
  12. Anyone been able to play with a workaround or it actually down? If you change regions and play modes quick you can get the time up to 20 seconds before it fails lol
  13. Dgkallday09

    This needs to be fixed!

    No he wasnt a squad mate but that player that commented above was him.... StuntHead23.... he’s the guy I was spectating. I told him I clipped it and about this forum in a message on xbox and he just happened to comment lol I’ll try to get ahold of him and see what he’s got. Thanks for the reply Andy!!
  14. Dgkallday09

    This needs to be fixed!

    I’m still not 100% certain what happened. I think the player was behind something that wasn’t showing up in the scope and if that’s the case then that’s doggy af! Can someone look at this and tell me what ya think and what needs to be addressed... bc from this vid that player shoulda killed him and I’d be pissed (wasn’t me). Could it be something not showing on my screen bc I’m a spectator? https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/benson09/video/66496628
  15. Dgkallday09


    This very true, I didn’t think about that on distance engagements... I’m just seeing so many ppl melt with this gun it’s crazy... and everyone I talk to about says they keep their ump over everything bc they feel like they’re shorting themselves a lot. I know this gun out performs a lot of guns it shouldn’t just from me using it. Maybe I need to get better with ARs, idk. Even my late circle games I’m watching almost everyone is using the ump..