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  1. Your first example seems like classic ping differential (for whatever reason.) The second, IDK...
  2. I took a break from PUBG over the summer and fall because cheating was out of hand, and the technical issues with the game were not being addressed sufficiently. I'm back, and while I only play FPP, I've noticed far few cheaters than before. However, their "ping-matching" doesn't really work. I have a 10-20ms hop to the NA servers, and rarely have packet loss. I regularly see players in my games that show evidence of a high ping rate. Given that many players don't speak English (particularly after 11PM EST), one could logically conclude that players outside of the NA are being matched with players within NA. Lag, desync and hit reg problems still exist.
  3. It takes actual work / time to analyze the reports (in game reports reserve a minute of video of the alleged infraction supposedly - which is not always enough to implicate an ESP hacker,) so basically they don't do anything. Thus cheaters get off without much risk. One could *hope* that they collect data and note when a player has numerous reports, but again this takes staff time, and there are probably thousands of report per day. No way they can keep up. They claim to have made great strides with their anti-cheat measures, but apparently not against ESP hackers. I know I ran into one yesterday that I had reported previously. Bottom line: make a report when you are sure the player is cheating - at least they will have the data.
  4. Yea I have now instituted a personal policy (to protect my sanity) that if I encounter a cheater in two games, then I stop playing. Had one the very first match, then about 7 matches latter, another. It was getting late anyway, and it was just after noon in China, so I called it quits.
  5. IDK, the OP says a friend plays on the OP's computer, and his friend's credentials work and is able to play. Not likely a firewall / AV issue.
  6. Doubtful the rules here would allow that. Anyway, there is discussion if you do a simple Google search.
  7. Elsewhere in this forum, the NA community manager has basically stated that user reporting of cheating and subsequent banning is a zero sum game - a banned player will simply rebuy the game and continue playing. But can you at least regularly police the top 100 in the leaderboards? I'm sure you have the reporting stats to help narrow who is actually cheating. It would not take that much effort to do, and it would make the community at least *feel* that the most blatant cheaters do risk getting punished. I got killed last night by someone who was in the mid #40s on the NA leaderboard for solos and has played over 700 games this season (and also plays on the AS and SEA servers.) I went back and reviewed his gameplay as far as I could (enough for 7 kills - he had a 12 kill match.) He *somehow* knew where every opponent (that he ended up dispatching) was, and looking back through his leaderboard stats, he was getting quite a number of chicken dinners and 12-17 kill games. Sidenote: The same community manager also wrote: "To "solve" this problem you do it with technology that scales and attacks the problems at it's root. We've made some GIANT strides in solving this problem so far, and we have a pretty large team that we've built to increase our efforts further." While I am glad they have built a "pretty large team" to address cheating, I'm not sure that the users have experienced the fruits of the "giant strides" as of yet. But I do understand that game security is the answer to addressing the widespread cheating that manifests this game at this point in time.
  8. I normally have FPS ~80+, but for the past week or so, it will drop into the mid-30's for extended periods of time during the first third of the match. No enemies in sight, but I'll assume that they are near by. It's not my computer, nor is it my connection; both are high-spec and performing well, low latency internet connection to AWS. Seems whatever the devs did to the latest few releases has broken what little optimization is incorporated into the program. Also experience character slow downs, freezes, pausing animations when getting shot at and or taking hits - makes it hard to dive for cover or ADS.
  9. I had a good day this afternoon playing 9 or 10 matches. I don't think I ran into any cheaters - which is highly unusual when playing on the NA server (FPP.) You will usually experience at least one or two obvious ESP cheaters. The game was able to start, but the frame rate dropped into the high 30s fps at times which started last week. Normally it runs at ~80fps with Nvidia optimized settings. (i7-8700K, GTX 1070.)
  10. Not going to link because than would not go over well with the mods. The easiest thing to do simply search "PUBG reddit," and read their forum.
  11. Peeps should head over to the PUBG subreddit and read up on the drama / conspiracy theory re: a certain PUBG regional exec for China getting reprimanded for collaborating with a Chinese hacker / streamer...
  12. Update on the plethora of ESP hacks this afternoon EST NA FPP. Of the 11 or 12 matches I played, 4 were clean Four. Pretty sad. The "clean" ones were later in the afternoon, which corresponds to overnight in China. I *wonder* if that makes a difference.
  13. Cheat pretty bad today on FPP NA - 8/10 matched had ESP cheaters.
  14. And again tonight, pretty sad with all the cheaters using ESP. One in particular has a 66 to 1 K/D. I reviewed his play and watched him systematically kill off anyone in his vicinity, scoping in to exactly where they were. Funny though when it was just me and him, he pretended to look around, but then his cheats got the best of him and only looked at where ESP was telling him where I was in the grass. In this game, I made it to #2 - the last game I played tonight at around 1am EST NA FPP.
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