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  1. VoxCalibre

    PUBG is dead

    I'd amend the title to 'FPP PUBG is dead' as TPP seems just fine
  2. VoxCalibre

    Any funny/lucky kills?

    I had one of those mano-a-mano duels where we both got hits, must have been on low health, but couldn't kill each other. So I whipped out the sawn off and think 'Do or die'. Charge up the hill towards the rock the guy's hiding behind. He pops out, reloaded, aims and then.......sponged an entire clip into the tiniest crest of the hill in front of me. I was laughing so hard I stopped briefly before firing back for the kill. I felt for the guy, his barrel must have been at a level JUST below where he needed to aim to get the kill.
  3. VoxCalibre

    Game crash: Megathread

    I have had intermittent issues with the game crashing. I play on Xbox One, not the X. Recent patches have lessened the issue though. It always happens when in matches and crashes to dashboard. I can load back into the game upon starting up Pubg again. Its more of a frustration than anything. I play a lot of duo and squads so normally have someone to watch out for me while I load back in but my friends have at times had multiple crashes in the same match. Seems to happen most often when driving or looking towards large open areas for some reason. But sometimes happens when stood inside a house. No rhyme or reason to it as far as a cause.