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  1. Controls are limited in PUBG so unless you're happy going into settings all the time to disable/enable proximity chat due to abuse or intentional audio spam to cover up movement sounds it's not the same as PC at all which is 2 keystrokes.
  2. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/scotty-rock88/video/71344912 more rendering than physics but had me shitting bricks https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/scotty-rock88/video/72431438 Sometimes the pubey gods are kind
  3. I can only be bothered to truly try hard on solo, then If I fluff it up I can only rage at myself lol And even then it's no 1 game 100% win ratio like beasty brock
  4. I've always hoped Harolds persona was put on and he was really a sound guy....by the sounds of clagnuts comment though it isn't
  5. Problem is what generation "medium range gaming PC" are they comparing it to? From time of concept? Beginning of development? Release?
  6. Does pubg run perfectly on PC? It's been ages since I've played on my pc version but I'd guess not. If it can't play perfectly on machines vastly more powerful than even the next gen consoles will be I doubt it'll be any good on xbox whatever or ps5. Best I think we can hope for is a developer to model a BR vaguely on pubg with a more powerful game engine, that's kept up to date, on servers that can handle the load required to run the game. Fingers crossed ....
  7. Depending on how long you've had you're plug and play it could be a few things. Firmware, hardware fault, batteries at end of cycle life or if it's when you're connected and charging a damaged cable due to repeatedly flexing.
  8. I did as did most other people other than those interested in being annoying hence why it's probably never going to be implemented on xbox.
  9. It's crap, played pubg on PC from EA release before moving to console to play with mates. Just kiddy squeakers mouthing off, abuse and people speaking foreign languages in lobby and then just abuse after you kill someone. There's no interaction in BR you're literally silent til you kill someone.
  10. That is the opposite of hardcore in my opinion. Hardcore would be no downs just dead, what you're describing is the ability for your downed teammate to callout enemy locations whilst crawling towards an ally in a position of cover with no risk of being finished. If you're not moving with team mates from cover to cover you deserve to be knocked and finished instantly so you can't relay information.
  11. Had that happen to me before, thankfully in a UAZ that didn't explode
  12. I doubt, with all the serious rendering, desync and frame rate issues pubg has right now, that changing skins is anywhere near the top to the priority list. Hopefully you get it bud but this is pubg after all....
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