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  1. Scotty_rocket

    idea for being downed??

    Yeah with a kar98 or if you shoot them in the head but otherwise they sponge damage when supposedly they've lost all of their hp and are on deaths door.
  2. Scotty_rocket

    idea for being downed??

    Nah, I'd rather downs were weaker. Bleed out time I can deal with but one or two shots should finish a knocked player IMO
  3. Scotty_rocket


    They advertise tractors dragging anti tank guns around. It's going to be BFs version of blackout I doubt it will have any of PUBGs feel about it.
  4. Scotty_rocket

    Cannot find the way

    https://support.pubg.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360000387054 submit a ticket stick their game tags in, a description of what happened, and attach the file at the bottom or the link in the description from xbox dvr (or similar) if it's too large to attach.
  5. Scotty_rocket

    do something about team killing please

    It's ridiculous that you can be reported and receive a ban for defending yourself from a team killer. I had a guy sickle me in the back in random squads after the rest died and I saved him. I managed to spin and shoot him and record the clip as evidence. Had a cracking game and forgot to in game report him so used the link to which I was threatened with a day ban for retaliation. Absolute stupidity to have a investigative team if they don't take self defence into account, another example of PUBGs incompetence and ruining of the game imo. So now I don't play random squads as I'd rather not be killed by tools for my gear.
  6. Scotty_rocket

    So this is the new strategy for OG xbox users?

    Happened to me on vikendi yesterday, large rock outcropping outside of tovar, attempted to jump onto the ledge and went straight inside. Jumped straight out as I didn't want to get stuck in there or be accused of purposely glitching. It's not just rocks though, if I drive quickly into an area my brother regularly gets stuck inside of boxes.
  7. It's ridiculous that you can down a player then have to shoot them multiple times to finish them. There's also a delay from the moment of the knock to damage registering....It's ridiculous. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/scotty-rock88/video/71344880 Downed two guys, 1st unpins a nade and I down the 2nd who enters after, check their hp bar after I die. Ridiculous. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/scotty-rock88/video/71345225 Not sure if this is desync or he's just a sponge but the amount of round put in him is silly. Not sure how everyone else feels but it's really annoying to see knocked players take so much damage to kill and the delay from knock to registering damage is stupid too.
  8. Scotty_rocket

    Load / Render

    https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/scotty-rock88/video/71344887 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/scotty-rock88/video/71344912 Both of these clips are from tonight, both are well into the game and are from separate games (obviously)
  9. Scotty_rocket

    Frags - too OP?

    https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/scotty-rock88/video/71291554 Frags hate me
  10. Scotty_rocket

    Need hit markers

    Hit markers don't make you a better player, they're a crutch for bad players who like arcade games.
  11. Scotty_rocket

    Need hit markers

    Seriously go play COD, all you do is complain about the key features that make PUBG what it is.
  12. Scotty_rocket

    Wins to Games Played

    I don't play solo very often cos most of my games are squad with casual mates or duos with my brother. Stats have picked up a bit this season
  13. Scotty_rocket

    Wins to Games Played

    Scotty Rock88 Stats Rank (Site) 36,222 Matches 1,931 Matches / Days 4.22 Wins 158 - (8%) Kills 3,372 Kill / Death 1.90 Kill / Hour 3.75 Kill / Match 1.75 Deaths 1,773 Headshots 456 - (14%) Solo Matches 296 Solo Wins 14 - (5%) Squad Wins 48 - (2%) Duo Wins 96 - (5%) Time Played 899.3h - (37.47d) Time / Days 2h
  14. Scotty_rocket

    SMG strafing

    Games gonna end up like CoD with all these suggested changes lol
  15. Scotty_rocket

    Lead or Follow

    I play in a trio occassionally now that a few of my mates have stopped playing. We rotate leadership but I always tend to keep an eye on timers, location of gunfire, levels of meds/ammo/boosts and regularly ask whoever's leading what the plan is. I like clear concise leadership and so force the issue if they're pandering. Me and my brother duo most often and are doing reasonably well this season for only a few hours every other night which I think is due to us having quite a similar play style.