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  1. Sombodyslapme

    Devs please fix stats

    No way! That is awesome at least because I was tearing it up!
  2. Sombodyslapme

    Devs please fix stats

    Think I figured out what might be the issue, somehow my region was switched to Europe so maybe that is why my stats stopped calculating
  3. Sombodyslapme

    Stats not recording?

    And played at least 60 games over the last few days with no stat update, I have a hard time believing I'm the only one
  4. Sombodyslapme

    Devs please fix stats

    I've been playing for over 3 days now at least 60 games with no stat update, usually it's every few games and it updates, I'm getting none at all
  5. Sombodyslapme

    Devs please fix stats

    Come on guys fix the stats recording, just had another few 7+ kill matches and I'm not getting increase in my kill death ratio, please fix this for us
  6. Sombodyslapme

    November 15 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    Stats haven't been recording since hotfix was implemented, game play is decent but still has some little issues, lots of lag and for the first time on my x it's actually been giving me the network lag detection and black screened a few times since hotfix which it hadn't done in a long time for me, keep up the good work and hopefully you get the stats thing fixed soon, cheers
  7. Sombodyslapme

    Stats not recording?

    Played another 20 games and another 50 kills not recorded so something is definitely wrong with the game right now since hotfix I'm assuming
  8. Sombodyslapme

    Stats not recording?

    Played about 8 games 3 to 5 kills each match stats haven't been updating
  9. Sombodyslapme

    Loving test server!!

    Graphics seem good and crisp, I got 3rd my first game, game play was great, few little things like continued movement and a wierd vault experience but besides from that it was really good in my opinion