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  1. NEW SILENT FOOTSTEP BUG - Critical knowledge unti…: https://youtu.be/UdQfzsx37Xg finally someone has actually documented exactly what im talking about! This is what I'm talking about, sound is completely different and off after last patch, like i said I've played this since the start and have over 56 days of logged play time over the ladt 2 years which I'm questioning what is wrong with me,lol but like i said the sound is completely off since the update.
  2. I recorded some clips but now i hace to figure oyt how to upload them, i have over 56 days of play time in this game, been playing since preview mode, im telling you that after the patch on my xbox x sound is totally different
  3. I'll try it next time it happens, was really frustrating the other night not being able to get teammates up after gunfight
  4. Some people are saying that sound on the x is different but the og and s are the same, im wondering if there is something to that as well as the difference in the speed and movement after the update
  5. No i had the same problem since the update, literally played 20 games and got 3 kills after the update, one grenade kill and 2 with a vehicle,lol i had to readjust the majority of my scope settings again and im slowly getting back to 1-6 kills a match but its like starting all over again, not to mention that the sound is way off now for me, i can't tell where shots and enemies are coming from anymore as before the update
  6. Really? I guess let me record some of my next games
  7. Sound is no longer directional as before the update, you can no longer hear clearly which direction in headset where shots and explosions are coming from, I'm not the only one in the forums saying that its way off now, you can hear everything but it's all over the place since the update, you can hear footsteps/gunfire etc but no longer which direction they are coming from, before the update i could tell which direction in my headset all noise/sound was coming now its all over the place
  8. Ok so im not the only one having issues with the sound since update, i literally been playing with buddies and we couldn't even figure out which direction people were firing from close in our headsets which normally we would know right away and ive had guys run right uo on me and i cant tell directionally where from, definitely frustrating
  9. I used to be able to tell where gunshots and explosions, people moving were coming from in my headset now since the update im constantly struggling to tell directionally where things are coming from not to mention i went from 2 to 5 kills a match sometimes to maybe 2 the past 20 games since the update.
  10. Sound definitely is different/off, used to be able to hear exactly which direction gunfire and explosions where coming from and also people, i hear them in my headset but not directional like before. Besides frim tgat game runs great!
  11. No way! That is awesome at least because I was tearing it up!
  12. Think I figured out what might be the issue, somehow my region was switched to Europe so maybe that is why my stats stopped calculating
  13. And played at least 60 games over the last few days with no stat update, I have a hard time believing I'm the only one
  14. I've been playing for over 3 days now at least 60 games with no stat update, usually it's every few games and it updates, I'm getting none at all
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