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  1. No totally the same for me! I went from 2-5 kills a match after the patch to 0 for like 10 games easy straight, I was like wtf happened, shooting people point blank not getting a single hit where normally I would have mowed them down, for literally a few days I had my worst game play ever it seemed then I started getting kills again finally but it was definitely something with that last patch for sure
  2. Sombodyslapme

    Anyone else tired of...

    Happens all the time in close gun combat, just part of the game and frustrating because your like they weren't even facing me! But it's just lag or visual desync but sure does piss you off when it happens,lol
  3. Sombodyslapme

    Sound is just wierd

    Same here, I'm actually damaging my ears when read zone or planes fly over, ears ring for hours something's after a few hours of pubg play, I wish Xbox would let us have and equalizer app to adjust our headsets on the x, no idea why they haven't or why an outside party hasn't developed one yet, let's hope someone reads this and does,lol
  4. Sombodyslapme

    Xbox one vs XB1X

    Lol I'm actually considering using my old Xbox to play this game again for this exact reason!
  5. Sombodyslapme

    I’m sick and tired!!!

    So true dude, when I first got the x about 6 months ago it was amazing the difference between the s I had, everything rendered so fast and clean, you could actually see all the individual buildings and cars everywhere before even getting close to the ground, now it's a hot mess of hoping guns load in before the og guys are warping through walls and rooftops and grabbing all the guns we can't see, I play dou with a buddy that has og Xbox and he calls out guns on second floor, health kit in bedroom,lol it's a joke
  6. Sombodyslapme

    Unplayable Lag in Gunfights on Sanhok

    Definitely for sure, getting shot behind/through crates in Warehouses guns taking forever to load for my on my x, it's pretty frustrating
  7. Sombodyslapme

    Devs please fix stats

    No way! That is awesome at least because I was tearing it up!
  8. Sombodyslapme

    Are Stats not recording again?

    Nevermind somehow my region was switched over to Europe and that was causing the stats to not calculate apparently
  9. Sombodyslapme

    Devs please fix stats

    Think I figured out what might be the issue, somehow my region was switched to Europe so maybe that is why my stats stopped calculating
  10. Sombodyslapme

    Stats not recording?

    And played at least 60 games over the last few days with no stat update, I have a hard time believing I'm the only one
  11. Sombodyslapme

    Devs please fix stats

    I've been playing for over 3 days now at least 60 games with no stat update, usually it's every few games and it updates, I'm getting none at all
  12. Sombodyslapme

    Remember when xbox one x was smoother

    Best part is when you land and the og Xbox guys can see and pick up guns first, fall through walls while we are scrambling to get a gun and then shoot them without damaging them sometimes because of the desync or whatever is going on,lol
  13. Sombodyslapme

    Devs please fix stats

    Come on guys fix the stats recording, just had another few 7+ kill matches and I'm not getting increase in my kill death ratio, please fix this for us
  14. Sombodyslapme

    November 15 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    Stats haven't been recording since hotfix was implemented, game play is decent but still has some little issues, lots of lag and for the first time on my x it's actually been giving me the network lag detection and black screened a few times since hotfix which it hadn't done in a long time for me, keep up the good work and hopefully you get the stats thing fixed soon, cheers
  15. Sombodyslapme

    Stats not recording?

    Played another 20 games and another 50 kills not recorded so something is definitely wrong with the game right now since hotfix I'm assuming