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  1. ChaoticWeevil

    Need to find UAZ on Sanhok....

    Read post above, it was for this quote.
  2. ChaoticWeevil

    Need to find UAZ on Sanhok....

    Was it last night? After I finally found one, I drove around a minute and parked it next to a van, and a few seconds later, someone stole it! I didn't care much, I was actually happy someone did, I just figured I helped someone get that achievement, and I just laughed to myself and said to myself "You're welcome."
  3. I know it's there......somewhere, but can someone PLEASE help me and give me the location of the elusive UAZ on Sanhok so I can complete this achievement? It's the last vehicle I need to find and IT'S KILLIN' ME!!! Lol.....but seriously, any help? I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks in advance.