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  1. Swagger is able to bandage underwater with a bike that is almost fully submerged.
  2. When near school you are able to see right through the building when looking into the windows. Attached are my graphic settings. My Graphic drivers are 417.22
  3. Hey there, have you tried verifying that your current graphic drivers are up to date?
  4. Hey ScallywagNZ, PTS is what we use to test new things added and new updates. Those are only open for testing, they are not open at the moment. Please make sure that you are launching the live version instead of the PTS.
  5. Just an update to this thread. It has been fixed after yesterday's maintenance. Thank you for your report.
  6. Hey, please give me the transcript of the post I got warning points over, as I don't believe I insulted anyone in it and would like to review it.

  7. If you could supply clips that would help a lot, but thanks for reporting!
  8. Hello can u help me with a technical issue?

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