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  1. 100% the loot, I can not tell you how many times a thread like this has been made and it always comes down to the loot. Why would I wait 2 minutes in a queue for a Miramar game to get instakilled by someone who has better RNG than me when I could just queue for Sanhok and find a game almost instantly with way better gun spawn rates.
  2. Well that ability was originally in the game when Sanhok dropped it was just queuing for Battle Royale instead of Mini Royale. Not sure why that ability is not currently in, hopefully we will see it soon in an upcoming update.
  3. _Adam

    Reporting Hacks

  4. I believe that Map Selection should stay personally, I think that the old maps are unpopular because of the loot situation being subpar ergo they are queued a lot less than Sanhok. However it would be great if we could queue for more than one map at one time, it is a simple change but one that would probably bring a lot of positive feedback.
  5. I think it is mostly because of the loot issues, as much as I love Erangel because of Nostalgia, it is not worth playing as much since the loot will more than likely be bad.
  6. Swagger is able to bandage underwater with a bike that is almost fully submerged.
  7. When near school you are able to see right through the building when looking into the windows. Attached are my graphic settings. My Graphic drivers are 417.22
  8. Thank you, we really appreciate the positive feedback!
  9. TN Panels are known to leave more to be desired by color quality. You might want to look into an IPS panel.
  10. _Adam

    sanhok is the superior map

    Sanhok is personally my favorite map because of how small it is with a surplus of weapons. The run and gun gameplay is IMO, the best type of gameplay.
  11. _Adam

    Has AIM PUNCH been removed?

    No, Aimpunch is still there. Maybe you are getting shot in the arms which IIRC does not make your gun jump up.
  12. _Adam

    Leaning keys?

    I feel like Q and E are the most natural with them being right next to WASD for movement. I tried for a day with them on my mouse, but I just could not get used to it.
  13. _Adam

    Wireless/Wired mouse?

    I'd rather go with a wired mouse. Personally have the G502. If you are having issues with the cable, have you tried using a Cable Bungee?
  14. _Adam

    Flickering screen

    Hey there, have you tried verifying that your current graphic drivers are up to date?
  15. _Adam

    fps problem

    Hey Khashi, can you provide more context about what issues you're having and also include your specs? 😃