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  1. Why is it that we still have to download the entire game again every time we update it? As someone with slowish internet it’s a real pain.
  2. Glokcoma

    No new sensitivity range

    They just doubled the sensitivity, your settings you have saved should still be how you like them. As the person above me said The maximum sensitivity was too slow for a portion of the player base so that’s why they increased it
  3. Glokcoma

    PTS is unplayable

    Why cant you play on eu servers?
  4. Glokcoma

    Test server offline?

    I’m stuck at the PUBG loading screen, and I can’t even get into the test server
  5. Glokcoma

    Loving test server!!

    Is this going to fix the long waiting times for getting into matches on the pts?
  6. Glokcoma

    PTS matchmaking is broken, ridiculous waiting times

    Same, I was just about to post about this too
  7. Glokcoma

    Loving test server!!

    I’ve gotta agree with op on this one. The update is great mainly because the sensitivity boost. Let’s hope they don’t break anything before it gets pushed to live servers lmao