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  1. Gojira

    Game "Crash" Question...

    X, wired LAN, 500GB EVO SSD. The SSD makes it more likely to get back into a match before death. Without the SSD, it took me about 2 and a half minutes to get back in. With the SSD, I get back in about 30 seconds.
  2. Gojira

    Game "Crash" Question...

    That's what I thought. Ironically enough, last night I experienced the old dashboard crash, which hasn't happened to me in a long time.
  3. With the apparent return of the "crash", I am assuming everyone is talking about the "old school dashboard crash" from the game preview days. Since I haven't really seen any specifics on what people mean by "crash", that is my assumption. However, I have been experiencing a "crash" since update 5, but not quite the same as the crashes of old. When my game crashes, the following occurs: Immediate dialogue tell me that my connection to XBox live has been lost. This is seemingly a PUBG dialogue, based on the font and layout. IF I happen to be in Chat Party, that connection drops as well. PUBG goes back to the start (Press A) screen and, provided I haven't died in-game, I get back in. I cannot 're-join' the disconnected Chat Party until I am back into the match. I will say that the timing of update 5 coincided with a move (and a different internet connection) so I had always leaned more towards the issue being with my internet connection rather than PUBG. Is anyone else experiencing this particular "crash" scenario, or is it just me (and my new internet service)?
  4. Gojira

    Flare Gun Rant

    After finding a flare gun, firing it correctly, seeing the drop come in and subsequently perishing during the 6+ person gun battle that ensued as the package slowly approached the ground, I have determined that the best tactic to take is to fire off the flare incorrectly, resulting in NO drop. Then drop the flare gun in the middle of a field. I'm sure I am not the only one that carries that 8x scope just to keep someone else from having it...same principle here.
  5. Gojira

    Gun Jamming

    The DVR would capture it if you die in final circle because of it.😂
  6. Gojira


    Lol. I would agree that you are not as dramatic, but you are definitely passionate about this topic. Some will see that as 'dramatic' or 'pissed off'. Stoooopid and NOT a good look? You are correct there. I agree with @hybiepoo and @UberPlum...they just don't have the next season ready and would rather deal with complaints about extensions than deal with complaints about not having anything to do as far as achievements go. Personally, I don't have a problem with the extension but I am definitely NOT an upper-tier (or probably even middle-tier for that matter) player. I play quite a bit and have a ton of fun, despite my abysmal stats.
  7. But you stated the same thing in this thread that got the last one locked.