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  1. daydayvol

    Survivor pass level

    40.5. This stupid grenade mission (both) are getting on my nerves. I have killed more than 7 people with a grenade but I have 1 kill from it. It is apparently my stop in the red zone glitch. Finding 10 grenades is about impossible.
  2. daydayvol

    Grenade kills mission

    I killed two people with a grenade last night and only got credit for one.
  3. daydayvol

    Grenade kills mission

    I finished it and never got out of the vehicle once. You just have to make sure you come to a complete stop. Easy way to know is have a gas can with you and if you can add it you are not completely stopped.
  4. daydayvol

    Shot through walls on Vikendi

    Has happened to me multiple times. The building are not rendering for those players.
  5. I’m level 27 but what makes me upset is they are going to lock missions to certain maps that we can’t select to play. That is frustrating.
  6. daydayvol

    This game is so broken.

    Have it on PlayStation pro and it has the same issues
  7. daydayvol

    This game is so broken.

    I really hope you are a troll.
  8. I love this game, I really do but this is absolutely terrible and never should happen. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/dayday11/video/68620531
  9. daydayvol


    Well, I’m up to 3 incidents where I get knocked by a G36C with a headshot and my helmet is untouched. I’ve been told it is because I was shot in the neck. I’ve got 40 hours in this game and it has happened 3 times since reset. Coincidence maybe.
  10. daydayvol

    What is this blood?

    At first I thought he was throwing a Molotov but then when it happened when he was knocked I didn’t know what was going on. It happened the game after as well. It is strange.
  11. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/dayday11/video/68557436 the guy reloaded his shotgun and didn’t get his friend up haha
  12. daydayvol

    Super rare

    Under the map speed https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/dayday11/video/68555300
  13. daydayvol


    This has happened a couple different times now. I’ve been knocked with a headshot and my helmet is completely fine. Both times it came from the G36C. Anyone ran into this?
  14. daydayvol

    Being shot through walls has got to stop

    My first land on miramar, I had a pistol and dude had a shotgun, I got behind a casino table that was overturned. It didn't matter because it wasn't there for him and he just shot me anyway.
  15. daydayvol

    Anybody look at PS4 forum

    Have it on both systems and it plays the same in my opinion. X and Pro.