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  1. daydayvol

    FPP vs. TPP: The Final Idea

    Wow. Guy calling other people “kids” but goes and looks up stats and post them. Hilarious.
  2. daydayvol

    Xbox Update #6 - Feedback Topic

    I don’t think that is the case because the Xbox one x with ssd runs like a turd.
  3. daydayvol

    Ultimate REGRESSION

    It is as bad as it has ever been. They just don’t care it seems. They have our money and just want to keep adding things that gets them money vs fixing the performance issues.
  4. I came across a guy I knew was cheating but couldn't prove it at all so I didn't do anything about it (he shot my buddy through the roof and we couldn't figure out how). His name was about impossible to look up but we finally figured it out. So fast forward 6 months and a friend that streams does a clip segment. He pulls up a clip of someone spectating. I saw the name and said this guy is a hacker. He was caught on a clip doing whatever he does. He shot someone through the mountain on miramar this time. I don't know if it a lag thing or not but it was def cheating.
  5. daydayvol

    Thanks for the wrong info Pubg

    Sorry just saw this. It was after 7pm eastern. I couldn’t do daily’s but it still gave me XP for playing the matches. I was gone for 2 weeks and grinned from 88 to 99.8 and was bummed when I turned it on and couldn’t finish but it still gave me the xp by just playing those matches.
  6. daydayvol

    Thanks for the wrong info Pubg

    I was 2000xp away and I got it by playing 3 games tonight.
  7. daydayvol

    Destroy 10 helmets

    Easiest way is to do it in duo or squad. When they are knocked. Shoot them on the head. I have 7-10 with plenty of headshots from the kar or m24 but like you guys said it only turns them red.
  8. I opened 25 trying to get the jacket. Got 17 of the gas mask. No joke.
  9. I love the people who constantly try to defend this game. Things like this should not be happening and it does all the time. Pathetic if you ask me. The money will dry up and they won’t have a player base if this continues.
  10. daydayvol

    Has anyone tried PS4 Pro yet?

    I’m going to fire it back up and see what is going on over there. I haven’t played it because I want to finish the Xbox pass. I’m close (87). Buddy said it was impossible to finish so I am trying to prove him wrong.
  11. daydayvol

    Powering Up the OG

    Def something wrong since that last update.
  12. daydayvol

    Serious Question

    Mine is fully loaded.
  13. daydayvol

    Serious Question

    It really is. I love it but this is quickly making me want to stop playing it. I have dropped Pecado since Miramar was released and have never had these issues.
  14. daydayvol

    Serious Question

    I have the X and ssd as well. I don’t even care the dude took the opportunity to get his kill but I do care that this game is running like this well after launch. I didn’t even experience stuff like this in preview. Just baffling it is running like this right now.