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  1. aint that the truth! wish we could also make edits of our gameplay like that too, so many funny moments lost
  2. Thought i'd share this, if you haven't already seen it take a look, it made me laugh I'm a brush creeper lol
  3. What's your gt? 

    1. ONEUNITY2009


      Same as the profile on here

    2. Adhardaway7


      Alright man I'll send you a invite this afternoon if you want to play. Promise I don't team killed ha!

  4. Which Xbox console are you using? =OG Xbox When does the crash occur? (On launching the game, whilst matchmaking, whilst in the game, other (please specify)) - It's mainly only when playing duo or squads now since the latest update, most of the time it's after landing on the island within the first 3 minutes of the game. What happens when you crash? Is there an error code, does it kick you to the dashboard, or do you go back to the main menu? - No error code, sometimes I get the fatal error occurred but normally it's a return to the dashboard and reload the game, I do get the option of re-joining game in progress though.
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